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Sunday Pinup Tip: getting read in a rush

Hello lovelies,

For this week’s pinup tip I’ll be sharing some tips for always looking pinup perfect, I know a lot of my friends have not much time to get ready before they leave the house so I’d share some of the things I do for when I want to look fabulous, but don’t have the time!

Preparation Is Key
If I know I’m going to be very pressed for time before leaving the house, I get as many things ready the night before, so I can get ready as quickly as possible. I pick out my clothes, set up my dresser for quick makeup application, and make sure if there are items I cannot leave the house with they they’re already in my bag.

Foam Rollers:
Foam rollers are my favourite form of hair curling, they’re easy, don’t use heat which is less damage for your hair, and I’ve had the best results from them. Another fabulous feature of this item is you put them in before bed, sleep in them, and when you wake up they’re ready to take out, if you just have to do this, and style a victory roll getting your hair done in the morning should only take 5-10 minutes. I actually sell these for $10 which includes a cute carry bag, 12 foam rollers, and instructions on how to use them, if you’d like more information please email contact@ladylace.com.au.

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping in foam rollers (which is surprisingly comfortable), a snood is another option to make yourself fabulous before you leave. A snood is a hair net used on the back section of your hair to create the illusion of curls, they were very popular during the 40’s and 50’s for daywear.

Makeup Cheats: 
I recently posted another pinup tip on makeup cheats, which are shortcuts to quicker makeup application, which can be read here.

Finally the biggest thing you need to improve your time getting ready, practise. The more you practise the better and quicker you will get at application of hair and makeup and quickly changing into something glamorous.

Even if I do have time restraints, and when I studied dance full-time at university (some days I had 8 hours of dancing), I always make the effort to feel a little more glamorous, it gives me more confidence, cheers me up if I’m having a rough day, and I just have so much fun in pinup attire!

More updates coming soon!

Much love,


Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger 

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