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Vintage Sunday Classes 30/11

Hello lovelies,

Today I had my first Vintage Sunday Classes, which are a new lot of classes I’m teaching from my new home studio, which run every fortnight with different classes each event. For today we had a victory roll masterclass, burlesque fit class, and a classic burlesque class. I was really impressed with all of my student’s today, they all made some really big improvements!

On Sunday the 14th of December I have a new lot of classes which include a pinup class looking at all the fundamentals to posing like a pinup queen, a 1920’s class looking at the iconic dance of the flapper, the Charleston, and a neo burlesque class to follow up after my classic burlesque class. For more information click here!

Below are just a few photos from all of today’s fabulous fun, with more of the victory roll class (its a bit hard to dance and get behind the scenes photos!)

The studio:
Here are couple snaps of my new home studio, its starting to shape up really nicely, but there’s a lot more work I’d like to do.




The victory roll class:







Photos with a couple lovely ladies from the burlesque classes:




Although it was a little warm today we had lots of vintage fun!

Much love,


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