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Vintage Shop: Annie’s Vintage Wonderland

Good afternoon lovelies,

The vintage scene is ever growing within Perth, with new markets, events, and stores popping up all the time. One of my favourite locations to visit for vintage shopping is the café/antique strip on James Street, in Guildford. Just a couple weekend’s ago my fiancée and I decided to drive up a little further and wonder down to see if there were any other stores we’d be missing and to our delight we discovered Annie’s Vintage Wonderland!

DSCF0251Annie’s Vintage Wonderland is a new vintage shop that has only set up in the last few months; having quite a large and diverse range of vintage items, as well as selling reproduction pinup dresses. Annie’s specialises in vintage and retro items from the golden age of glamour, and is your one stop shop for vintage props and accessories.
DSCF0253I visit a lot of vintage stores and markets, but there are a few things that make Annie’s a really special store. Firstly each area in the store is a part of the house, you have a kitchen area with kitchenettes and homewares, there’s a kids section with toys and accessories, a garage space and outdoor area with all items to fit! Another beautiful thing about Annie’s is that within in every cupboard, or item with storage space there are other small items ranging from plates, to dresser sets hidden for you to find. This is not your average store where you need to ask a staff members permission to look within something,  there are labels that encourage you to take a peep and find hidden treasures!

Annie’s Vintage Wonderland isn’t just a store, its an experience, fall down the rabbit hall into a journey of vintage glamour. Pop in and say hi to Annie at 3/121 James Street, she’s open Thursday – Sunday!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

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