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Op Shops

Hello lovelies,

I’m the biggest op shop lover (op shop = thrift store/secondhand store for my friends in other countries), If I have some free time, you can usually find me at my local op shops hunting for fabulous vintage pieces. Hunting true vintage items and unique reproduction pieces can be quite a mission, but it’s all a part of the passion, some days you leave with a treasure or two others you leave empty handed with a thirst to find something fabulous at your next visit.

Today I picked up all these fabulous items for under $20! Most of today’s haul is from my favourite op shop, Anglicare in Morley, I’ve found countless treasures here, they have most of their vintage clothing items in a section near the counter, and play vintage tunes all day!

11photo 1

12photo 2
13photo 3
I bought two pairs of shoes including a pair of cute 1950’s inspired heels, and jelly sandals just like I used to wear in pre-school for gardening, a book on roses, and a purple floral head pieces. If I were even to buy these from a cheaper retail store like Target or Big W all this could cost me upwards of $40!

Why Do Some People Think Op Shops Strange? 
Some people find the thought of buying someone’s pre-owned items a little strange, I for one don’t think I could buy underwear from an op shop, unless it was a fabulous pre-1960’s piece which would be a sin to pass up. The thought of someone once wearing something may not be the most appealing but the items you can find can be so incredible and original you can really create yourself a one-of-a-kind wardrobe. To get over this thought wash the items you buy, clean shoes, do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable in the item you’ve bought.

Why Op Shops Rock:
Op shops rock, pure and simple. I’ve already spoken about the original wardrobe you can create, I’m sure most of us have been to a rockabilly event where there are two beautiful ladies wearing the same Hell Bunny (or another reproduction pinup brand)dress, and its unlikely someone will find the same vintage find you have. You’re also supporting a charity, and recycling clothing rather than buying new mass produced items, which quite often are made in third world countries by people who are not paid fairly. Op shops are also quite a bit cheaper than new or vintage specific stores, some op shops have become a little pricier or charge more when they know an item is in higher demand or rare, but if you feel something is not priced fairly you can always make an offer too!

If you don’t already start frequenting your local op shop, and don’t give up if there’s nothing today, they constantly receive new stock and you won’t want to miss out on something fabulous that could pop up in the future!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

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2 comments on “Op Shops

  1. Mim
    January 7, 2015

    I love a bit of charity shopping. You have to do it regularly to find the good stuff, but when you strike gold it’s such a buzz. I find it really addictive!

    • Miss Lady Lace
      January 8, 2015

      Its the best shopping addiction, it doesn’t break the bank!

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