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Vintage New Years Eve

Good afternoon lovelies,

Tonight is New Years Eve, a celebration most people believe to be incredibly overrated, but I believe like most things in this world, it is what you make of it. I’m not one for going to a nightclub for New Years or most eves to be honest, I prefer spending time with friends at someone’s house; both cheaper with no $40 entry fee, and you get to spend time with people you like to spend time with.

No matter what you’re doing, adding a little vintage glamour to your affairs can only make them more fabulous, but how can you do this?

Dress The Part
Dressing the part is the ultimate way to feel glamorous, a lot of my fabulous readers already do this, but tonight is a night you can real unleash a decadent outfit. If you’re wondering what to wear still (I know I haven’t decided yet), think of your dress silhouettes, for me vintage parties often conjure the thought of two silhouettes a fuller/circle skirt, or a wiggle dress.

Fuller Skirt

Fuller Skirt

Jayne Mansfield in a wiggle dress

Jayne Mansfield in a wiggle dress

Floral Fuller Skirt

Floral Fuller Skirt

dors diana blue

Dian Dors in a wiggle skirt


For a more casual party consider capris, they’re super cute, but not too casual at the same time! You can also look up your favourite vintage star, or modern pinup girl and put together an outfit that embodies their style.

If you’re planning on having more than a couple drinks, I’d avoid wearing true vintage, or pastel colours, when intoxicated spills or rips are much more likely to happen, and looking glamorous isn’t worth destroying a beautiful garment.






Vintage cocktails are the perfect way to add glamour to your evening, while more suit for if your hosting a party or something else’s, I don’t think most bartenders would know how to make a Gimlet or Zombie, but there a few that clubs may know hot to make.

Above all have a safe and fun night!


More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

7 comments on “Vintage New Years Eve

  1. hocuspocus13
    December 31, 2014

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx 🍸 xoxo

  2. Scout Paget
    December 31, 2014

    Happy New Year – Have Fun, Be Safe

    • Miss Lady Lace
      January 1, 2015

      Thank you Scout Paget, I hope you had a fabulous and fun night!

  3. misfit120
    December 31, 2014

    Always thought Diana Dors and Jayne Mansfield could have been twins

    • Miss Lady Lace
      January 1, 2015

      I could totally see Jayne being Dian’s big sister for some reason!

  4. sweetpea2love
    January 1, 2015

    Happy New Year !
    Take care and happy blogging to ya… 🙂

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