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Waist Training

Hello lovelies,

This Christmas I received the most wonderful gift from my parents, something I’ve been wanting for a little while now; a waist training corset! Its a fabulous little number from Orchard Corset, which is an online store which sells high quality corsets, lingerie and accessories at reasonable prices.

I’ve worn it on a few occasions to get use to the feeling, but as of today, January 1st 2015 I’m going to be waist training. I already am naturally blessed with quite a small waist, but my goal is create more shape using my corset, and with the aid of the corset maintain a small waist. My waist is currently 22.5 inches, and I’m hoping to have a waist measurement of 20 inches, which is quite a realistic vision. How I’m tracking my progress is by keeping a diary with regular measurements of my waist, and documenting the duration and experience of wearing the corset.

In my fabulous corset, laced at 21 inches.

In my fabulous corset, laced at 21 inches.

What is waist training? 
Waist training is wearing a specially made corset for the purpose of waist reduction to create a more hourglass-like figure. This is different to tightlacing which is just wearing a corset tightly for fashion purposes, though some tightlacer’s can waist train unintentionally by regularly tightlacing.

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Why can’t you use a cheap Ebay corset? 
Waist training corsets are made specifically for the purpose of waist training, as the materials and corset need to be of a higher quality to withstand lacing to the tightness that is needed to achieve results. An Ebay corset’s material is usually quite cheap, I’ve used many for burlesque performance, and with a little wear they do tend to tear, bend, or break in another way. Ebay corsets also use cheap boning (often plastic boning that bends and warps), which is what maintains the shape of the corset, these need to be steel bone withstand waist training.

My experience so far:
Until now I’ve only worn cheaper fashion corsets for costuming, so I’ve never had a tight enough corset to reduce waist size. From my experience so far its quite different to how I imagined, the corset itself is quite comfortable, the only pain I’ve had is when initially putting on the corset where the bones rub up against my ribcage. Wearing a corset is quite good for your posture, slouching is not really an option as it puts you in discomfort, and allows you to use more muscles correctly, which you can feel while wearing your corset.

Miss Mosh

Miss Mosh

Everyone has their own experience with corset wearing. I’d love to hear if you tightlace or waist train and your experiences with this!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

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