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Sunday Pinup Tip: Sunscreen!

Hello lovelies,

For this week’s pinup tip I’m discussing a very important part of skincare to keep you healthy and having a youthful look. This thought came to me yesterday when I was volunteering for the Burly Girly Carwash which had profits going to Radio Lollipop. It was a wonderful day spent in the sunshine taking in some vitamin D. Being quite a moon-tanned I have to be very careful as I burn easily so I spent the day lathering myself in sunscreen. Sunscreen is incredibly important to keep your skin happy, healthy and looking youthful!

Yesterday @ the carwash!

Yesterday @ the carwash!

Why is sunscreen important? 
Not only does sunscreen help prevent harmful UV rays from causing skin cancer, wearing sunscreen helps prevent us from getting sun damage., which can cause among many things, ageing in the form of wrinkles! Dita Von Teese puts her youthful looks down to a good skincare regime including wearing sunscreen!
How to put sunscreen into your daily routine: 
Adding sunscreen into your daily routine is really easy, in the morning if I’m going about my daily business I always apply a skin coloured zinc under my makeup to the important areas of my face (under my eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead), and if I’m going to be out in the sun I also apply sunscreen to my face (after my zinc but before applying makeup) and body.
Being Australian, even if you’re not a big sun baby, just going to town, or out to a park (even sitting under shady trees) UV rays can still harm you, and its important to apply sunscreen prior to going out, and every two hours spent in the sun. Your body will thank you!

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Much love,

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