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Body Confidence Blog Series: Part Three

Hello lovelies,

This is the third instalment to my body confidence blog series where I’m discussing different ways we see ourselves, how others can effect our view on ourselves, and how we can improve our own body image. Body confidence is something I feel very passionately for, its something that every woman will struggle with, but its something not many people work on, or even know how to improve. One of my goals within my work is to share all I know to as many beautiful women as I can, so they too can see just how beautiful they are. To view part one click here, to view part two click here. 

Surround yourself with people who support you, and make you feel good about yourself.

friends,pinup,vintage,happy,pinup,talking-639050ee8d127d9082d2f1da130f77ce_hThere are many people in this world who create a world of negativity for themselves, they live and breathe negative thoughts and they spew it out with each word they say, if we surround ourselves with people like this, they will hold us back, and bring us into their world of negative thinking. We need to surround ourselves with people who love and support us, and make us feel good about ourselves, these people will put their belief in us and lift us up. We deserve no less than the very best in life, and we need people in our lives who see this.

One of the biggest steps in developing better body confidence, body image and general confidence is identifying the source of negativity in our lives, for most people we’ll have multiple sources from negative people, our own inner voice, our poor eating/exercise patterns, or another element. The next and hardest step is stopping these negative influence. For our own thoughts it can be about taking note on what we’re doing and working on correcting the way we think, but external sources can be a little harder. If we have a negative Nancy or multiple people in our life who bring us down we have a few options; we can discuss the issue with them, or we can limit the time we spend with them. A true friend will see you’re trying to make yourself a happier person, and will appreciate this, it may even inspire them to do the same, they can achieve so much more in life by being positive.
The best way we can monitor our progress, triumphs and hardships is by writing down our thoughts. I write down so much, my thoughts, my goals, my daily tasks, my ideas, and so much more, it helps me see my path, and further ways I can work on my dreams. The same can work for body confidence work, to keep track of your progress, appreciate your failures, celebrate your goals, and don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re only human.

If you have any questions about body confidence, or need help I’m always happy to try and help you on your journey.

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

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