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Vintage Film Review: King Creole

Good evening lovelies,

With today being the King of rock and roll’s birthday I thought I’d feature one of his fabulous movies! Elvis Presley would have turned 80-years-old today if he was still with us today, he is still idolised by so many women today, and his music lives on for many, and inspires so many people. I myself am a huge Elvis fan! I remember the first photo I saw of Elvis, my grandma had a photo of him hung up in her house, she was a big fan of him, which I can still picture in my head.

Today’s film vintage film review is King Creole the 1958 musical drama hit starring Elvis Presley as Danny Fisher, Carolyn Jones as Ronnie, and Walter Mathau as Maxie Fields. The film is based upon the 1952 novel A Stone For Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins. King Creole is about a 19-year-old man, Danny Fisher, who’s struggling to stay on a good path and graduate from high school, he works jobs before and after school to care for high sister, and father who currently isn’t working. At his job waiting tables he soon becomes a singer for the club when they discover his talents. Getting involved with criminal activity Danny goes on quite a journey. I don’t want to give too much away, on the crazy journey he goes on, you’ll have to watch it to find out more!

If you’re an Elvis fan, for his voice, looks or both you’re going to love this film, he’s a total dreamboat from start to finish! Watching Elvis in a film makes you realise just how incredibly talented he was, he’s an astounding performer; singing, dancing, and acting. I’m not one for gang/crime related movies but King Creole is really the perfect mix of romance, thrill, music, and crime. The one thing I do have to say about this, a little into the introduction Danny (Elvis) goes to the principal’s office and I was a little confused, Elvis has quite a mature look, there were no guys like that when I graduated high school sadly!

I’d definitely say this film is worth a watch, the styling is fabulous, and Elvis, is well Elvis! Happy birthday to The King, you’re memory will live on in the hearts of all vintage lovers all over the world.

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

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