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Vintage Store Review: Simply Secondhand

Good evening lovelies,

Earlier today after running some errands my lovely partner and I spotted a secondhand store while we were driving in Midland, after visiting the shops we stopped by to have a look around. From the outside Simply Secondhand looks like a quality store, but we didn’t expect it to be such a goldmine of treasures! Their store is a really fabulous, the inside is filled from floor to ceiling with so many amazing and well priced pieces, all of which are mainly pre-70’s. I was so overwhelmed with just how much they had to look at, I really needed a lot longer to really take in everything!

photo 1
photo 2

Just in the time we briefly spent there I found a vintage lobster gravy boat, vintage vase, and 3 vintage chairs for only $22, I was over the moon to get so many great finds. If I had an afternoon to browse their store I’m sure I’d need a ute to come pick up everything I could pick out! After I select my outfit for The Vintage Collective Markets, I’m probably going to stop by again to buy some vintage accessories to match!

1photo 2

1photo 3
Along with vintage items, there is also a rather large wall of records, from vintage Elvis to Muse a modern band! The range was phenomenal, I think most people would be able to find several records that they’d enjoy. We’ve really been enjoying our record player that we bought a little while ago, and we’d be on the hunt for the perfect place to find more records!

photo 4

photo 3

If you’re a vintage lover, I can’t recommend enough you go visit Simply Secondhand at 7 spring park road, Midland, the is a massive store with a great range and also quite inexpensive! I’m sure you’ll find a fabulous piece.

More vintage vlogs, and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

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