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Pinup Modelling Series: Photo Shoot Safety

Hello lovelies,

I’m going to be starting a new blog/vlog series on the subject of pinup modelling, I’m going to be looking at how you can get into pinup modelling, and different aspects of the industry to hopefully help all of you on your pinup journey, whether your aiming to a be professional, or just to add to your hobby! This blog is more for pinup girls with a little more experience, who are already working on collaborative basis, or being paid for their work, though this still applies if you’re looking to book your first photo shoot. I will be making a video very soon going back to the basics though.
Today I’m going to be starting with an important issue, photo shoot safety. This blog will apply for your personal safety when applying for a photo shoot, to the actual photo shoot day. While there are many friendly, and talented photographers, like every industry there are a few bad apples. I’ve decided to write this blog first as I there have been quite a few recent incidents I’ve heard about, so I felt I needed to share this.

You should always feel safe during the whole process of your photo shoot, from your initial contact with your photographer. Being a model, you can be put in quite a vulnerable position; you could be going to someone’s home studio, or another situation where you’re alone with someone else. Your safety is paramount, and should never be overlooked.

What are you boundaries? 
It’s really important to know your boundaries, know what style of what you want to achieve and stick to it. If you only want to shoot with your clothes on, or if you’re happy to do fully nude shoots be strong with how you feel. If you’re booked, or are working on a collaborative photo shoot where you’re going be in a bathing suit, and the photographer asks if you’ll do a nude shot, and you’re not comfortable with this, don’t do it. If you sign a release form, these nude photos can be used for ANYTHING the photographer desire. It is not okay for a photographer to touch to you, without your permission, especially if its in an inappropriate manner, if something happens to you its important you report this issue to the police so it doesn’t happen to someone else.
How can you identify an unprofessional photographer? 
I’ve always gone with my gut feeling, and the one time I didn’t I had a terrible experience with a photographer. I’ve put together this list of way to spot an unprofessional photographer:
– Poor grammar: if a photographer’s website, casting call, or Facebook page is filled with bad grammar, or maybe they’re just a little bit too casual I won’t work with them, for me this it the first sign they either care very little for their work, or have bad intentions.
– Bad vibes: always go with your gut feeling, if someone makes your stomach churn, there’s something not right. If you don’t feel comfortable in your photo shoot, you won’t be able to achieve great photos.
– Unprofessional language: if a photographer using unprofessional language in the form of being quite rude, being flirtatious, or in any other form you should not work with them. A professional photographer should act professional.
– Talk to other models: contact a model that’s worked with this photographer or ask another established model to find out what they’re like to work with. I receive quite a few emails and messages regarding Perth photographers, and if I don’t know a photographer, I contact someone who does to help ensure that they are a professional photographer with a good work ethic.
– Ask to bring an escort/friend: if you feel unsafe going alone to a photo shoot ask to bring a friend, if they say you’re not allowed to, and say that’s unprofessional, they’re the unprofessional, and probably have bad intentions. The exception to this will be if you’re on a high budget production, where your working on a campaign, do your research to ensure this is a legitimate production.
– Organise a meeting in a public place: if you’re unsure about someone, organise a meeting in a public place (like café) to discuss the photo shoot and ideas. This can ensure your photographer has a clear idea of what results you want, and can make you feel more comfortable with them.
Alberto_Vargas_17Be A Professional: 
If you feel a uncomfortable doing a photo shoot, whether its during the organisation or during the shoot you have to be professional. If you’re organising a photo shoot and find out a photographer has been quite unprofessional to other models, don’t accuse them or abuse them for this, just kindly say you don’t have the time for this project. If during the shoot the photographer acts inappropriately do not hesitate in finishing the photo shoot then, you can stop at any point, don’t let someone bully you to do things you don’t want to.

Most importantly ALWAYS let someone know where you’re going to be, who you’re with, and any other important details. If I have a photo shoot, or gig even if at a public place I give my fiancé the address, the name of who booked my, and their contact number so if he can reach me, or be able to find me if I don’t respond his calls. Do what you need to ensure you’re working with a reliable photographer, and you will have a safe and happy experience. Compromising your safety is never worth a pretty photo.

A lot of people won’t have any bad experiences, and I’m not writing this to put you off getting into modelling, but to educate you on how to help keep yourself safe. I hope to see all of you achieve stunning pinup photos and I can’t wait to see them! If you ever need any help with your pinup endeavours please don’t hesitate to contact me!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


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3 comments on “Pinup Modelling Series: Photo Shoot Safety

  1. tahitiabellefille
    January 25, 2015

    This was a great post, thank you for sharing. I haven’t had any outright horrible experiences myself but I’ve had a couple that made me more than just a bit uncomfortable, this list of do’s and don’t are a great guide to avoiding those any bad experiences at all in the future!

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