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Updates, YouTube & New Photos!

Hello lovelies,

The last few days I’ve been a little quiet on my blog with this year’s fabulous season of Fringe commencing in Perth! I’ve been involved in Fringe since its debut year which compared to now was incredibly small. My first show was actually before I was old enough to be performing burlesque, I had a passion for the stage and this lead to me to become a magician’s assistant for James Sleight! We were a part of a fantastic show at the very beautiful Spiegel Tent for a variety magic show, where we performed an act where I get into a box, I’m cranked down to be about half a meter tall, it was a truly incredibly experience! Back then fringe had a very small area in The Orchard in Northbridge, now it has multiple locations all over Perth!

One of our illusions!

One of our illusions!

This year I took part in a very unique show called Burlesque Beats, produced by The Sugar Twins. The show is nothing like anything Australia has seen before, it combines hip hop and burlesque performances for an amazing variety show! We had a three show season which fully sold out, for a show taking place at 10pm at night, I think that’s a pretty big achievement considering this was it’s world premier, and no one new exactly what to expect! For our fabulous cast we had The Sugar Twins, Perth’s godfather of rap, Optimus, soul singer Odette Mercy, Dolly Cakes a brisbane performer, and many other talented creatives! Be sure to check out their new Facebook page for feature shows, and if you did catch one of our Fringe season shows, be sure to give us a review! Photos from this show will be coming real soon from one of my favourite photographers Jennifer Villalobos Photography!
1375871_611403482304801_1438720007348697290_nAs promised this week I’m recommencing videos on my YouTube channel! Here is a little preview video of what’s coming later this week!

Finally after winning a pinup pageant held by Stealth Photographics at The Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo, I’m showcasing the fun photos I received from my winners photo shoot, I hope you enjoy!






More vintage vlogs and blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

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