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Easy Vintage Turban Tutorial (YouTube)

Hello lovelies,

A couple days ago I had a photo shoot with one of my favourite photographers Luke Milton Photography, the photo shoot wasn’t until the evening, so rather than sleeping in my curlers I set them in the morning, but I still had meetings and other work to attend to so I wore a vintage styled turban made from a scarf over my curlers so I could still face the day with a glamorous appearance! I had a few people request videos on how to replicate this same style as its great for hiding curlers, or even just on lazy hair days you can put your hair in a bun, or tie it up and wear the turban over the top.

Here are a couple vintage photos of women during the golden age of glamour rocking a vintage turban to give you an insight to which you can recreate.

Turban picture




Below is this tutorial which will hopefully be real easy to follow!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorialIf you have any questions, comments or tutorial requests please comment them in the video, on this blog, or email them through to contact@ladylace.com.au!

More vintage blogs and blogs are coming real soon!

Much love,

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