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Eyebrow Tutorial & YouTube Update

Hello lovelies!

I’m pretty happy with how my Youtube channel is coming along! If you haven’t seen it recent, please do go have a little look see, I have customised it a little more and began organising videos into playlists so you can easily navigate through what you want to see whether it be a tutorial, pinup blog series, vlog or something else!

For this week’s tutorial I’ve posted up an eyebrow tutorial, showing you exactly how I apply my eyebrows each more, as I have had sparse non-exsistant eyebrows since I was little! With all hair and makeup it does take a lot of practise, but more than anything its about finding what works for you, like most things in life there isn’t a magical way that works and suits everyone, and I definitely recommend as well as trying this method researching other methods too!

I hope you found today’s video help, please do subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more, on Mondays I have a weekly pinup tip, Wednesdays I have Tutorials and Saturdays I have vlogs!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

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