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Bronze Bombshell Beauty Lash Extension Review

Hello lovelies!

Last weekend I visited Bronze Bombshell Beauty to have Russian Volume eyelash extensions put onto my eyelashes, eyelash extensions aren’t something I’d never really thought of having them done before because I hadn’t really heard too much about them. Bronze Bombshell Beauty is run by Lydia who is an extremely passionate and talented vintage stylist and lash architect who specialises in everything vintage. She currently works from her home studio but dreams to expand to her own vintage salon one day. Lydia’s home studio is incredibly clean but doesn’t have that sterile look, she has decorated it to have a very vintage atmosphere with a vintage dresser, and other vintage pieces, creating a very glamorous experience.

1902954_289745031220532_3387207318635366967_n As this was my first experience with eyelash extensions I did have a few questions and concerns, all which were answered fully by Lydia who was very understanding. Lydia is also very well educated on everything to do with eyelashes, the extensions and trained with one of Perth’s best eyelash extension schools, which really made me feel confident she would do the best possible job.

Eyelash extensions are where the technician takes a single lash extension and applies this to your natural eyelash using an adhesive. I specifically had the Russian Volume, which is where the technician applies multiple super fine lashes to a single natural lash, resulting in a fuller lash line than traditional Classic eyelash extensions. This service is new to Australia and Bronze Bombshell Beauty is excited to be one of the first salons to offer this premium service. These extensions are no more than 20%-50% longer than your natural lash to ensure no damage is done to your natural lashes. Your bottom lashes are protected during the treatment by a pad with collagen which is applied to this area, and a protective sheet is placed over your eyebrows too. The whole process takes 3 hours, which is a little timely but not only are the results phenomenal but its also better to have someone take the time to do it properly and you’re also laying down for the whole process so you don’t need to worry about being uncomfortable sitting! The lash extensions last up to 4 weeks, at which you’ll need a refill, which are really reasonably priced.

In this photo I have no eyeliner or mascara on, just my lash extensions!

In this photo I have no eyeliner or mascara on, just my lash extensions!

When I opened my eyes, and looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe the difference, I had no makeup on my eyes, and the eyelashes gave me an instantly glamorous look! I naturally have quite hooded eyes, and I never really leave the house without a little cat eye makeup, and mascara as my eyes are quite small, and I really prefer to create a certain look, but with the eyelash extensions really opened my eyes up, and has definitely cut down my getting ready time, especially on days where I run errands! As much as I try I can’t put how into words just how happy I am my eyelash extensions!

First night out wearing my fabulous new lashes!

First night out wearing my fabulous new lashes!

If you’re a pinup girl, or just love that glamorous look you’d be crazy not to get these at least once, and I know once you try them, you’ll never be going back! Lydia of Bronze Bombshell Beauty is highly professional and extremely talented and is truly the best person you can find to have this treatment done.

Be sure to go show some love to their fabulous Facebook Page, and to check out their website as they have a whole range of services and sell lots of vintage makeup and hair goodies!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

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