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Swing Dancing

Hello lovelies! In the last couple months I’ve rekindled my love for a rather fun dance, swing! Working as a burlesque dancer full-time and studying dance last year at the Principal Academy took up quite a lot of my time and didn’t leave me much time for more social styled dancing, but I’m finally making the time for me and I’m loving it! 13299761369372792rbDL9yybc Swing dancing, also known as lindy hop, is a vintage styled dance tracing back to the 1930’s which can be done with another person, or solo. With either slow and playful or vivacious and fast movements, and also in more advanced levels incorporates “aerial” moves which involves flipping or lifting your partner! Above it all swing is all about fun, whether you have two left feet, or have lots of dance experience I guarantee you’ll have a ball! Below I have a video of a little more advanced swing dance performance to get you inspired!

From my understanding the Swing Dancing movement began in the late 1980’s in Perth, and has really exploded with regular swing events each week, several dance companies and schools, as well as so much more! Getting back into it I’ve been attending classes with one my favourite swing dance schools Swing It, which are one of Perth’s oldest schools, and have so many talented dancers and teachers. They’re also very supportive of the vintage community and put on so many really amazing events, we’re truly lucky to have such an amazing group in Perth. They offer a range of classes in swing, with level 1 for beginners and run special workshops in authentic jazz and so much more. The overall basic movements are easy to master if you put in some practise and are just so much fun, it can be a little scary at first when learning dance, but even the best dancers had to start somewhere! swingit Yesterday evening I went along to my first social swing event in about 4 years, the Speakeasy hosted by Swing It at Defectors Bar in Mt Lawley, which is a regular free event! It was a fabulous night filled with swinging tunes and beautiful dancers, I took to the floor and had a few dances and boy was it so much fun! I was really quite nervous before going up for the first dance as a lot of the moves beyond the basics I haven’t done in a very long time! I was also really impressed by one of my wonderful friends, Lillian Rose, who got up for a couple dances without ever attending a class or swing event before, and really looked graceful out there!

My outfit out to the Swing it Speakeasy!

My outfit out to the Swing it Speakeasy!

If you love all things vintage, or are just a fan of swing music I cannot recommend enough for you to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try a class! More vintage vlogs and blogs are coming real soon! Much love, logo

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