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Vintage Renovations: Stage Two

Hello lovelies!

A week has passed since I last shared an update on renovating our kitchen into a vintage paradise, in my Vintage Renovations: Stage One blog post, and I’m so excited to share with you all the progress we’ve made so far! The area which was once our kitchen it starting to look like a kitchen once more, we’re still awaiting a few drawers, bench tops, and tiling but its really starting to come all together.

Over the weekend we put in the remaining panelled cupboards. We also bought a dishwasher, which is not at all vintage, but is going to be a lifesaver!

Our new oven and range-hood has been connected by our electrician, but sadly until the tiling is done we won’t have an oven until some time later next week, after the tiles are in, and then the plumbers comes in to install the gas. Luckily we still have an air fryer, and hot plate we can use to see us through.

We’re freeing up some bench space by using a hanging cupboard to store our microwave as well as another cute vintage canister set. One of the main reasons of our renovation was to create more bench space and a more practical set up.

With our cupboards now being in I could finally put all the contents of our kitchen away. One of the hardest parts of renovating has been the mess everywhere, it feel so good to have everything back in its own place again. Working from home during the day can be hard when you walk out to the contents of the kitchen being everywhere!

This morning Matthew and I took the morning off work so we could order our bench tops, as we already have a island bench with white cupboards and a light oak bench top we wanted to match this to our kitchen, we decided to go with “Sublime Teak” laminate by Laminex, which was the closets matching colour.

For our walls I asked you in my last blog, which colours we should use for the checked walls of our kitchen; mint and cream or black and cream, and with an overwhelming response mint and cream was definitely a winner! This was my pick too, but Matthew needed a bit more convincing. As we wanted this is 200mm tiles, it became quite a hunt to source, thankfully after we ordered our bench tops, we found a tile store that had what we wanted!

I’ll be posting more updates after next weekend, at which point we’ll hopefully have our bench tops in!

Much love,

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