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Keeping Inspired

Hello lovelies,

I feel for the last couple month or so I’ve been in a little bit of a creative lull, I haven’t been inspired as much as I usually am. I’m glad to be out of this creative draught and excited for all the amazing things I’ve got planned for the future in pinup and burlesque! Working in a creative industry I feel it can be easy to experience this, so I thought I’d put together a blog on ways we can keep inspired and combat those creative lulls! Of course like most things it requires work and time, there’s no magical spell to put the creativity back into you, but its definitely worth investing your energy for a brighter and more creative tomorrow.

Set a goal and achieve it. Its really easy for us to have so many projects on at once that we sort of get lost amongst it all, and lose our focus. Focusing a single project and making it happen can really inspires us and put us back on right track to achieving our dreams! 

Dita Von Tesse

Dita Von Tesse

Remember your story and how far you’ve come. We all have a story about how we got to the place that we’re in now, something gave us an undying passion for our work, remember this story, and reflect on how far you’ve come, all the obstacles you’ve overcome and how much further you want to go. Let this be you fuel.

Surround yourself with supportive people. Whether its something as simple as a supportive friend, or joining a group of creatives who can inspire you, critique you and develop your art further. In saying this we should also keep in mind the people who have the opposite effect to this. There are the people who are unsupportive and cause us to be less inspired, we have a few things we can do to prevent this; we can express to them how they make us feel and try to work on this, or we can limit our time with them.

Dita Von Tesse

Dita Von Tesse

Try other ways to express your creativity. Experiment with something outside your area of work, if you dance burlesque, try something like writing to reinvigorate your goals. Teaching, modelling, and dancing are all quite physical activities, I really enjoy writing my blog as it allows me to express myself and learn new things, as well as the joy of sharing all of this with all of you!

Keep learning. No matter what your art is, don’t ever stop learning! Whether reading, researching, discussing, attending classes, networking or something else, always be trying to learn more, I find being creative there’s a drive to do something to the very best of our ability and the only way this is possible to keep trying to learning more. Learning more can spark our passions and lead to so much!

Dita Von Tesse

Dita Von Tesse

Find what inspires you. Identify what inspires you, for me I like to read inspiring blogs or books, I like to watch old movies and some of my favourite YouTubers like A Vintage Vanity, I like to look at vintage pinup art, and of course see what my biggest inspirations Dita Von Teese has been up to. Feeding our inspiration is important to keep it alive. I like to create Pinterest boards, and keep a journal of what inspires me. You can find inspiration anywhere, explore book shops, attend events, and do as much as you can!

Write down your goals, and don’t lose sight of them! I have quite a few books that I write in, I write down my goals I’m wanting to achieve, I put a plan into play to make them, and I don’t lose sigh of them. I think writing, brainstorming and doodling are the best ways we can express what we’re thinking, usually being creative we’re thinking of 101 things at any one time, focusing in on what we want to achieve can help us so much. We want to think about our goal(s) every day so we don’t lose sight of them. We also want to be excited by our plans, keeping the excitement there is a big part of keeping the creativity there too.

Dita Von Tesse

Dita Von Tesse

Be healthy both physically, and mentally. Being creative myself I sometimes find myself working rather late nights, working when I said I’d have time off, and sometimes not giving as much attention to maintaining a healthy balance as I should be. For us to function to our full capacity we should make sure we stay healthy, exercise regularly, make sure we get enough sleep, eat well, and make sure we get enough rest time.

Ask for help. When experience a lull sometime all we need is a little help from our team, or network around us. At the end of the day we’re human, we’re not perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with needing help. In the last year I’ve really focused on trying to create a supportive vintage/pinup/burlesque community, we’re always here to help one another.

Dita Von Tesse

Dita Von Tesse

Dream big and make it happen, I think this would be my mantra in life. Our dreams are what inspires us to make our passion a reality, I think everyone should aim for the stars, work like they’ve never worked before, and the most important step MAKE IT HAPPEN! I know so many incredible talented people who dream big, but never take the steps to make it happen, and for these people I do try and help them, but its something only you can do. Dream big and make it happen, take the first steps!

Dita Von Tesse

Dita Von Tesse

I really do hope this blogs is able to help at least one person on their creative journey, I know even just putting it into words for me has helped me focus in on how to better achieve my goals. If anyone out there is struggling, needing a chat, or even just a bit of help, I’m always happy to help!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

One comment on “Keeping Inspired

  1. The Homemade Pinup
    June 10, 2015

    Thank you for this post! Creative burn-out is so frustrating. I’m bookmarking this for the next time I may feel inspiration is lacking.

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