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Review: Purr Imagination Custom Skirt

Hello lovlies!

Today’s review has been in the works for a while, before I write a review I like to give time for me to access an item, so I can look at the quality of the item and see if it lasts the test of time! I also found with the fabulous custom skirt I received from Purr Imagination it took a while for me to think how I could put into words how much I adored this!

Purr Imagination is run by a very talented and local fashion student, Nikki, who has so much passion for vintage fashion, and even more talent. Purr draws their inspiration from the 1940’s and 1950’s aiming to create modern fashion capturing the essence of these eras making both pre-made and custom designs. As well as using the highest of skills to creating beautiful items Nikki sources unique and beautiful fabrics to give each of her customers a beautiful modern look without having the fabric you’ll see on every pinup girl. I find with modern pinup brands a lot of ladies will go to an event where there are other women wearing the exact same popular outfits of the season, its so wonderful to see originality and at such affordable prices.

For my custom item I told Nikki of the style I’d like; I love skirts with a little volume, and cute patterns and I let her have her artistic vision on creating this, she sent the adorable fabric she was considering and I was in love! Within what I think was a matter of days she’d cut the design, and had it pinned to a mannequin and I couldn’t wait to have this gorgeous skirt around my waist! Even though Nikki is a incredibly busy student who runs her own business she was so prompt to do all this work!

Once I had received my skirt I honestly couldn’t have been more happy with the final product. The print is so beautiful, it features stripes of red with white polka dots on a white background with beautiful pink and yellow roses with leaves around them. The skirt itself is very well made, with a strong zip which is concealed well, beautiful pleats neat stitches, and a really great length to the hemline for an authentic look.

I’ve worn this dress for so many occasions already, its definitely one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I feel the print and style of this skirt are timeless, it suits all seasons, and it has just a lovely look. I find some modern pinup clothing can appear more of a costume, which I love too, but this has that high end vintage glamour aesthetic.

Purr Imagination is an amazing local Perth company who we’re truly privileged to have within our pinup community and in the vintage fashion industry, I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future, and can’t wait to get something else fabulous from them! Be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with the events and markets they’ll be attending as well as there new ventures!

More vintage vlogs anf blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

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