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Vintage Kitchen Renovations!

Hello lovelies!

A couple weeks ago we reached the final stages of our kitchen renovations with the bench top going in, the tiler tiling our mint and cream walls, and plumber installing our oven and dishwasher. In total we were without a kitchen for about a month, its amazing how much you actually need the space and appliances like an oven! The process has been a lot more work and money than we originally planned, but the results are astonishing, I couldn’t be happier with how much space we have, and how beautiful the results are! If you’d like to see the first couple blog I’ve posted click here for my first post, and here for my second to see how its come along in comparison to the photos below!

I’ll go through each part of the kitchen and talk about where we sourced items, and what we’d still like to do in this area.



One of the first items we bought before renovating our kitchen area was the island bench pictured above, one of the reasons for renovating was to create more room for storage and this easy to assemble island bench was the most cost effective way. This item is from Ikea, and has an oak bench top, which we picked as the wood had an older aesthetic which is what we wanted to create to have a vintage looking kitchen. The island bench top was a lifesaver once we removed out existing bench space, without we’d probably have had to set up a fold out table!



Our cabinets were also from Ikea, and have a beautiful panelled effect on them. We picked matching metal door handles, and for the drawers a beautiful scallop shaped handle. One of my favourite features of these are the “soft close”! For this area I’m thinking about putting a baby pink gingham curtain oven the dishwasher to hide it, and make the area have more of a 1950’s look. The bench top is a laminate to closely match out island bench, we decided not to get real wood as water and damage would easily effect this area.



To creare more bench space we also put in a cabinet for the microwave and decorated the area with cute vintage accessories including these 1960’s canister, and vintage scales, the newest edition is the beautiful pink one my fiancé bought from Rockafella’s Retro!






One of the hardest elements to capture well in these photos was the tiling, we have the most beautiful mint and cream tiles and this photo does not do this justice! We also bought this trolley as a portable pantry from Ikea, it also comes in a green and black!



Our 1950’s atomic style dining suite is something we’ve had for a little while now, it was a engagement gift from my parents. I’ve decorated this with a mint table runner to match the colour of the walls and our tiles. We also have a our flying ducks made by my dad, and flying pigs that my fiancé bought for our new kitchen now up one the walls!


My vintage kitchenette is a piece I’ve had since a little while after I moved out, and it actually came with the adorable canisters too! Kitchenettes are a fabulous way to have a true vintage piece of furniture in your kitchen without having to pull out and renovate an area. From a vintage store, or on Gumtree you can pick one up for $150 – $450. I use mine to hold my collection of teacups and other cute items!

There are a few more things I’d like to add to the kitchen; including as I mentioned above a curtain for the dishwasher, hang up our vintage spice rack, and add a few more accessories to spice up the area!

Even if you’re in a rental or don’t want to completely renovate your kitchen you can make really simple changes to make the area seem more vintage. The easiest thing to change is to buy vintage styled accessories, in my kitchen I have a few modern retro and true vintage canisters, vintage scales, and trinkets to dress up the area.

Gumtree is one of my biggest tips for anyone looking to buy vintage items, there’s something magic about having items with so much history! Whether you’re after a 1950’s dining suite, a phone table, vintage couch or something else its the perfect place to find an item at a great price! You should also definitely check out your local vintage/retro stores, one of my favourites in Rockafella’s Retro on Beaufort Street!

I’ll be posting more blogs in the future featuring the rest of the vintage items we have in our home real soon!

Much love,


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3 comments on “Vintage Kitchen Renovations!

  1. Elyins
    May 15, 2015

    Wow it’s so beautiful! I can’t wait for my dream vintage kitchen. Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Miss Lady Lace
      May 18, 2015

      Thank you so much Elyins! It has been a lot of work but definitely worth the results. 🙂

  2. TradesmanNow
    October 8, 2015

    Very nice. I’m a huge fan of your style.

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