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Vintage Tea Parties

Hello lovelies,

Today I thought I’d share with you something I’ve loved ever since I was a little girl. I’ve always loved being more theatrical; in the way I dress, what I did and any way I possibly could. Like most little girls I had tea parties with my teddybears and baby dolls, as I grew older I began to appreciate beautiful fine china tea sets and I started my own collection. In my teen years I threw tea parties regularly on Sundays with my friends, I loved combining the theatrical with entertaining people. While my friends and I may not be tea partying as much as we used to, we still come together for tea when we can, and more often than not each day I sip tea from one of my beautiful teacups.

Only just last weekend I was lucky enough to have my beautiful friends over for tea, so I thought I’d share some photos of our fabulous time, and share some tips for you to create your own magical tea party.

Last weekend the weather was beautiful; pouring raining, lightning and storms which did not cease. Not the most sociable weather, but the perfect weather for being indoors and sipping tea with friends! While outdoor tea parties are lovely, you could even have a tea party picnic style, but with winter upon us its time better spent inside.


DSCF0361Beautiful teacups are essential at a tea party, and over the years I have collected a lovely collection; I have a full 1930’s tea set as well as odd sets I’ve been given over the years. I think a lovely idea is having a whole range of cups out like I did for our tea party, your guests can choose what cups they’d like to use! If you’re not already a collector there are lots of stores that sell sets brand new, or if you like vintage like I do try antique stores! If you’re on a budget op shops also usually have them at quite a reasonable price (between $2-$5).

DSCF0364I think a big part of entertaining guests is having a beautiful atmosphere. It can be a great idea to pick a theme to decorate around, if you don’t have a vintage home, gather props from op shops to create a beautiful party. To set the mood I had our record player on my vintage phone table playing big band music, lots of candles, and our teacups set ready for collection on my vintage trolley!

Tasty Treats 
11295558_10206523431101574_2146786955968251862_nDelicious food is definitely something you can not miss at a vintage tea party, for mine we each brought something along; I made cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches as well as choc-chip cookies. There are plenty of books and online references you can see for menu ideas if you wish to cater for your guests!

While my party was a little more impromptu, you can definitely plan ahead and make your own beautiful invitations to send out to your friends! Its a good idea to give people as much notice as you can though, as for most us we have quite limited free time. If you look up invitation ideas on Pinterest it will give you so many ideas of opulent invites you can make yourself!

Dress up
If you create a certain theme for your party, you can also get everyone involved by creating a dressing theme whether it be simply something like vintage or maybe even something fun 1920’s vamps or 1940’s hollywood starlets!
11242560_912886965398713_6140881724072460183_nWhile we did not have a theme, I dressed as I normally would, I wore a lilac cardigan, with a vintage blue floral skirt and waist belt, and accessorised with my Daisy Jean Floral rose hair piece, and vintage earrings.

If you’re a lover of vintage tea parties too be sure to comment with what you love to include at your tea parties and any tips you have! Oh and if you have any photos post them too!

Be sure to stay tuned as I have so many exciting blogs being posted soon! Tomorrow I’ll have out a new YouTube video on winter pinup fashion!

Much love,


Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

2 comments on “Vintage Tea Parties

  1. Astrologerpeg
    May 21, 2015

    I love your site! Since I have three sons, and a grandson, when finally a little granddaughter was born into our family, I was very excited. In her second year, I sent a nice tea set (out of state) and we planned our first annual Tea Party for when I would make my annual visit. It was very lovely and we all wore a hat. Little Piper drank her tea (juice) out of a sippy cup. Last year when she was 3, we had our second annual tea party with the two grandparents again and it was so enjoyable and we took lots of pictures! This Grandma is looking forward to the next one hopefully this Fall and enjoying those little tea sandwiches, cut up fruit, little muffins and cakes and of course TEA. It is so nice to have a little girl to do these girly things with, even if it’s only once a year!! Hopefully, we can do it until she is grown up.

    • Miss Lady Lace
      May 22, 2015

      Why thank you Astrologerpeg! How very beautiful that you’re able to share this with you granddaughter, I’m sure she’ll cherish your tea parties as she grows up and is able to start this tradition with her friends and other family too! Tea parties are a fabulous way to bring people together!

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