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Vintage Book Review (1)

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m adding a new fabulous addition to my blog! For a long time I’ve been reading books about the 1920’s-60’s on vintage lifestyle, and vintage fashion. A lot of my friends ask me about these so I thought I’d feature the books I’ve read as a review to give you an insight to how these books are useful. If you’re looking for books on vintage life I’d recommend having a browse of your local library in the fashion section, so many books I’ve found are available for loan for free, but if you can’t find them here you can also visit books stores like Planet Books, or Amazon and eBay! Sometimes these can be a little pricey so I’d recommend adding them to your birthday/Christmas/present wish list for a loved one to buy you!

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

For my first review I’m featuring the fabulous book Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s by Patricia Baker. This book is a part of a whole series with other books including The 1920’s, The 1930’s, The 1940’s, and The 1960’s. I’ve just finished this book and have also read the 1940’s book which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both.

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

Fashions of a Decade: The 1950’s details fashion trends, and how they developed through political, social, and economical events. It talks of what influences the fashion of this time, and the developments of styles, silhouettes, accessories, and fabrics used for both genders. Some really interesting things I learnt from this book is that the fabric Rayon contains wood pulp, and nylon stockings are the by-product of petroleum, during WWII they were rationed as this bi-product was needed to make ropes and parachutes.

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

I found this book to be very inspirational with all the wonderful information it contains, and beautiful vintage photos and illustrations from the 1950’s. This book is very useful for understanding the 1950’s, while its not a guide on how to dress in vintage fashion, it can be used as a key to create an authentic style. For those who aren’t big readers I think you’ll love this book just as much as the bookworms out there, being quite a large book to fit in illustrations of which there are quire a few, the text is very easy to ready, and while being very informative also short and to the point.

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

If you have a passion for the 1940’s and the 1950’s I’d strongly recommend reading this, and the other books from the Fashions of a Decade collection! This particular book and part of the series I’ve borrowed from my local library, so it would be worth seeing if your library has this too! While I read books like this I also take notes of important information especially if its not one I own.

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

Fashions of a Decade, The 1950’s

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


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