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The art of selfies

Hello lovelies,

Its no secret that I’m a lover of selfies! I love to share my outfits, how I style my hair and makeup, and I love to share when I look and feel amazing about myself! I know some people regard selfies as a vein or selfish act, but I think there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a love for ourselves in a world where we’re all too often told we need to look and act a certain way; let’s break the mould, and learn to love the person we are both inside and out! I believe we should try to see everybody’s beauty, rather than being judgemental, through selfies on Instagram or Facebook we can tell someone we love their look through a heart/like or a comment, its fabulous we have that ability to both work on ourself accepting others beauty and learn to love ourselves, which in turn will increase our happiness! I’ve put this blog together today to share my selfie secrets, so many people ask me how achieve a good selfie and I’m always happy to share!

Noodle my dachshund is a bit shy, but he loves selfies too!

Noodle my dachshund is a bit shy, but he loves selfies too!

How to use your camera: 
For all my non-professional photos I just use the camera on my iPhone which does a fabulous job! I have my camera on reverse so I can see my pose on the screen and use a count down to ensure I have my pose glamorously ready.

For a while I struggled propping my phone up to get a full body shot until my partner bought me a selfie stick, while I’m not a fan of the stick myself, you can remove what holds the phone and attach this to a camera tripod for an adjustable selfie tripod!

Selfie stick camera holder + camera tripod = the selfie tripod!

Selfie stick camera holder + camera tripod = the selfie tripod!

Lighting is a huge park to a good photo, I like to use mostly natural light from a nearby window, but sometimes it can be too dark, especially on cloudy days, so I use a couple lights I have in my dressing room to brighten the photo. Lightness in a photo brings out our good features, and hides the not so good, like under eye darkness! I’m no camera wiz, I spend my time in front of them, but I do notice on both my iPhone and my digital camera the more good light I have the clearer the photo is, when its dark the photo can come our grainy.

This is a topic I am still meaning to create a video for, but I promise its coming soon. Your pose is a big part of a selfie, it can make you look fabulous, or if you pose in certain ways, not so glamorous. Research pinup art and pinup girls and try and replicate these poses in a mirror to see if it flatters your body, we’re all different shapes and sizes and some poses may need to be adapted to best flatter our bodies. It’s important to feel nice and tall, so you have a good poster, make sure you’re creating beautiful angles with your legs and arms, have beautiful hand shapes, and the most important is facial expression!

Selfie wearing my fabulous Purr Imaginations skirt!

Selfie wearing my fabulous Purr Imaginations skirt!

I like to have either a plain background, or a glamorous one depending on the selfie, I’d avoid using a cluttered area as it will make the photo look cluttered. For most of my shots I use a plain white wall so I can feature a look as have this as the focal point.

For all my photos I use an app called Fotor which is available online and as an app which is free! The only editing I do is using just a bit of brighten and maybe a cute filter too. I know there are a few apps you can use that “smooth” the skin, I’m not a big fan of these personally, they tend to look quite obvious taking a lot of shape out of the face, and to be frank I think it looks like a bad job on photo shop.

Love the skin your in!

Love the skin your in!

Be adventurous & have fun:
Don’t be afraid to strike a crazy pose, more often than not through my modelling I’ve discovered the most crazy and uncomfortable poses are the best! Above all though have fun, love yourself, and be glamorous!

If you’ve found today’s blog useful, I’d love to see any of your own selfies using these tips!

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


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