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The Polka Dot Markets & Transferring Lipstick!

Hello lovelies!

A couple weekends ago the 3 in 1 Markets took place which including antiques and collectables, crafts, and the Polka Dot Market full of vintage styled clothing. My sweetheart and I went along with a few beautiful members of The Perth Pinup Community to browse around on the Sunday. I think we definitely picked the perfect day as the sun was shining and it was surprisingly not too busy!

Therese browsing.

Therese browsing.

I found on the Polka Dot Vintage Market there weren’t too many stalls that had items from the 1930’s – 1960’s, which I was a little bit sad about as markets are something I try to source unique vintage clothing from. I think at markets you have to be very careful as buyers as there were a few stalls claiming they had true vintage items when they would have been made no earlier than the 1990’s. I’ll be posting up more about true vintage shopping soon, so you can be sure what you’re buying is authentic.

Sew Rockin Robin's Stall

Sew Rockin Robin’s Stall

This aside the event was still a fabulous day out spent with some wonderful people! Some of my favourite stalls I browsed include Cherri Lane, Sew Rockin Robin, Bluebird Vintage, Simply Fabulous, and Rocket to Retro. I definitely recommend a visit to the next market taking place November 14th & 15th if you love everything vintage!

My finds.

My finds.

From the Polka Dot side I bought a beautiful vintage lipstick holder, and in the antique section I bought a wonderful pair of vintage earrings from Sophistihat which feature glass beads that form a little fruit bowl which were too fabulous to pass up!

My outfit

My outfit

For this event I wore my wonderful true vintage day dress from Oh Henry Vintage, with a vintage necklace from Simply Secondhand, with my Perth Pinup Community brooch made by Deer Arrow!

Lipstick Case Transfer

With my new true vintage lipstick case I knew I wanted to transfer over my favourite shade of red, “Rush Red” by Natio so I could use this. I did some research wear a lot of people spoke of freezing their lipstick, cutting this, then melting the end and fusing it into their new case. For me I was a little concerned with how freezing and melting would effect the consistency so I decided to trial my own method.

Before my trial, I ensured my lipstick’s width and height would fit into the case, this I did by comparing the height by extending the lipstick as far as I could and looking as my vintage case, I then inserted the top my lipstick case to be sure it wasn’t too wide.

To transfer my lipstick I ran a trial with a lipstick I was not fond, I simply took a sharp knife and delicate chopped through the lipstick as far down to the edge of the case as I got, and inserted this into my vintage case being sure to do this quickly and hold the lipstick very gently. It worked perfectly! Too perfectly in fact that removing this proved quite difficult, but once I cleaned out the vintage case I happily transferred over my favourite lipstick to the vintage case!

Be sure to stay tuned I have more fabulously vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


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