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Weekly Pinup Tip: Suspenders!

Hello lovelies!

For this week’s pinup tip I’ve decided to feature the suspender belt, which is a fabulous item of clothing I wear nearly everyday! A suspender belt is an undergarment used to hold up thigh high stockings. It consists of a belt with 2-3 elastic “slings” with clasps that attach to stockings on either side. Pictured below is a fabulous example of how their worn. Many other beautiful pieces such as girdles, corsets, bustiers and other underpinnings have suspender “slings” used to hold up stockings. I love suspenders as they truly turn your undergarments into a lingerie set, I think they’re more comfortable than tights, and stay up supremely better than “stay up” stockings.

(Image Source)

Suspender Belt (Image Source)

So many women ask me how to wear them, as they find it difficult to put on, and even more so to go to the bathroom, its with this I offer this week’s pinup tip! When dressing your suspender belt should be one of the first items you put on, even before you underwear, if you put your suspender belt on your waist (they do up just like a bra), put on your stockings, catching the top of the stockings in the clasp of the suspenders (making sure they’re secure), then putting on your knickers! In this order you’re able to easily go to the bathroom for day-to-day use! When you put your knickers underneath you can’t remove them to go to the bathroom which is an issue many people have, but this is easily fixed with my weekly pinup tip.


Thigh high stockings are a glamorous way of feeling the part when dressed up as a beautiful pinup girl, and to feel sexy even though no one else may be able to see your scandalous underpinning! If you’ve never tried wearing a suspender or have had the dilemma solved above you should definitely try them!

Photo by Jason Matz Photography

Photo by Jason Matz Photography

More fabulously vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


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