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Vintage Store Feature: Retro Find!

Hello lovelies!

My sweetheart and I spent the day together on Wednesday after attending an awards lunch celebrating the achievements of some of Western Australia’s best managers, where my partner Matthew received an award for 30 young manager’s under 30! After our delicious lunch we visited one of our favourite antique spots, James Street in Guildford, across from the train station is a collection of fabulous antique, and vintage stores, and on this trip we were so very happy to find a new store, Retro Find, located at number 167!
Retro Find is a beautiful store featuring mid century furniture, retro cameras, early medial equipment, fairground art, and other opulent items. On my visit to the store I couldn’t help but appreciate the style in store, in a lot of vintage stores they’re cluttered and its hard to look around, due to the volume of items, the quality of this store is definitely one of the best and has an element of lavish class taken straight from the 1950’s.

The owner of Retro Find is the lovely Xavier who is very passionate for his work which shows in his delightful store, being genuine and honest with each item we enquired about. He has a thorough knowledge of vintage eras and their items and is more than happy to share his passions to those who visit Retro Find.

If you’ve not visited James Street in Guildford I can’t recommend enough your next trip out be to this fabulous antique filled street, and definitely be sure to visit Retro Find!

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

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One comment on “Vintage Store Feature: Retro Find!

  1. Xavier
    September 20, 2015

    Thanks for your lovely write up about Retrofind ..much appreciated Xavier

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