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Wheels & Dollbaby Fashion Show Starring Dita Von Teese TPFF!

Hello lovelies!

Well what an exciting weekend we’ve had in Perth with the Perth Fashion Festival being held, featuring the most glamorous fashion show by Wheels and Dollbaby starring the one and only Dita Von Teese! The moment it was announce a couple months ago hysteria broke out in our little city within the vintage community and it wasn’t long before this show sold out it’s 700 tickets and I couldn’t have been happier to be holding two tickets in my manicured hands for my sweetheart and I to go along to what I was sure would be an unforgettable night, and I must say it more than lived up to my expectations!
As I awoke on Sunday I knew today was going to be an amazing day, I set my hair in my foam curlers and put a light amount of makeup on, as myself and the beautiful Rose Noir held auditions for our burlesque show Peeler’s Paradise, we had several beautiful performers join us at Studio Perth for in house auditions then we reviewed the video submissions we received before finalising our cast! With the our work complete it was time to prepare for the evening!

My next stop was to a fabulous vintage clothing boutique, Momo’s Vintage Perth, which is located on Beaufort Street. You’re probably thinking how crazy I am for leaving finding the perfect gown so last minute but a couple months ago The Perth Pinup Community held a meet up at this fabulous store and I tried on a fabulous dress that I was returning to purchase and try on a few other beautiful items. Beth who owns Momo’s is incredible, I took to the change rooms which she brought me out beautiful gown after beautiful gown, giving me a beautiful experience in store, helping me find the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories!

The outfit I decided to get was a beautiful 1950’s nightgown which I wore with a petticoat and belt to make it more of an evening gown, I also bought a beautiful pair of 1960’s shoes, a cute vintage pillbox hat which featured the most gorgeous bow and lace appliqués, and true vintage jewellery pieces including a starburst brooch and a glamorous necklace! I coupled these stunning items with a few of my own accessories including a set of 1940’s floral earrings, my 1930’s arctic fox fur, and a floral white basket! For this event I knew a lot of people would of course be wearing Wheels clothing, but my passion for true vintage drew me in and I knew it would make for an outfit no one else would be wearing!

My decadent outfit!

My decadent outfit!

With the perfect outfit I returned home and poured the champagne and began my hair and makeup! I had been dreaming of the perfect outfit the week leading up to this night, and it was incredible to see exactly what I’d imagined come to life, I can’t thank Momo’s Vintage enough for their beautiful items!

My beautiful dress and accessories from Momo's Vintage!

My beautiful dress and accessories from Momo’s Vintage!

My beautiful vintage jewellery!

My beautiful vintage jewellery!

Close up of my starburst brooch.

Close up of my starburst brooch with a Dita Von Teese bra peeping out the top! 

My beautiful shoes from Momo's Vintage!

My lovely shoes from Momo’s Vintage!

Prior to the show my sweetheart, Matthew, and I went to a beautiful restaurant at Crown Casino called Modo Mio where the champagne continued to flow and we dined on beautiful authentic Italian cuisine! As we finished the anticipation began to build as we headed off to Ascot Racecourse to watch the Wheels and Dollbaby Fashion Show, and upon arriving we were stopped by every photographer for a photo due to my partner’s wonderful tailored batman suit, and my decadent attire!

A photo together after our beautiful dinner at Modo Mio.

A photo together after our beautiful dinner at Modo Mio.

At Ascot Racecourse.

At Ascot Racecourse.

As we entered the decadent room before the show started, I made a promise to myself to enjoy every moment of the show, I tucked my phone away in my bag and didn’t take it out until after the show, they had countless talented photographers to catch every flawless moment better than my phone could! One of these photographers being the lovely Jennifer Villalobos Photography who’s photos I’ve featured below from the fabulous catwalk show!

As the lights dimmed a glamorous goddess appeared in a gorgeous gold gown, the crowd screamed upon the realisation that this beautiful woman sensually walking down the catwalk was Dita Von Teese! Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off her and the new beautiful gown that shimmered as she made her way past each adoring audience member! The show started with one decadent bang!

As she left the stage a cascade of beautiful models took to the runway in the Wheels and Dollbaby collection Soire Fair! The items featured including a diverse range of styles from timeless glamour to rock and roll chic and it was beautiful to see a wide range of models from thin to plus size on the catwalk!

The show concluded with Dita Von Teese taking to the stage again this time wearing a beautiful pencil skirt and a new Dita Cardigan in a beautiful luxurious gold! She followed by all the models who walked on the catwalk and of course the designer Mel!

The new Dita Cardigan!

The new Dita Cardigan!

On a high from such an amazing show and being filled with inspiration we headed back up to the lounge upstairs and spent some time with new friends and many wonderful friends from The Perth Pinup Community. More champagne and good company made for a good time, but what happened next made our nights. All eyes shot to the back of the room as Dita Von Teese emerged and had photos with members of the press. Many followed her as she walked around the room, I mustered up all my courage I could and introduced myself to her, spoke to her for a moment and then we had a photo together. I look at the photo today and still am in a little disbelief that I met my muse, my idol, the person who inspired me as a teenager to embrace who I am, and what lead me to my passions. While I had hoped of meeting her at this show, it was something I didn’t think would actually happen!

This was an unforgettable night of magic and glamour which has given me so much inspiration. Wheels and Dollbaby put on a truly fabulous event which closed the Perth Fashion Festival perfectly, I can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2016! Thank you so much to the beautiful Dita Von Teese for being a part of this show, and for taking the time to stop for a fabulous photo!

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger 

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