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Twisted Tour

Hello lovelies!

On Friday morning I set off on a rather fabulous tour with Twisted Vaudeville Circus travelling up to Geraldton to perform in the GFest celebrations! With 10 amazing performers we squeezed into our bus with a long dive ahead of us! While I had met a few of these performers before it was so lovely meet many new friends. I brought lots to keep me occupied on the trip up, and plenty of snacks, but it would have been a dreadful time without all the lovely company.


Three hours into our trip we made our first stop at Ledge Point for a snack break, to stretch our legs and of course for a fabulous photo opportunity! We all came in hair and makeup with costumes ready for our next amazing stop.

We hit the road again for a short drive to the Pinnacles which is an incredibly beautiful location, which we had been planning to stop at for an even more fabulous photo shoot! We quickly changed into our and made our way into the desert, it was really hot and I may have got a little sunburnt but completely worth these breathtaking photos!



Heading back out there was still a little bit of a drive left but it wasn’t too long before we reached Geraldton, to see the beautiful Spiegel Tent set up on the picturesque foreshore surrounded by carnival attractions! We quickly set up, and got back into costume and of course applied more makeup! I started the night off with a fabulous martini glass performance, followed by local entertainers took to the stage before the full Twisted Vaudeville show began! The tent was filled to the brim with patrons who brought the house down with they’re screaming and hollering, and the show was positively amazing!




We arose bright an early Saturday morning and had a little breakfast before squeezing back into the bus for a long trip home, we were all exhausted but still made time for fun photos coming back!


It was wonderful trip I feel honoured to be a part of, it was incredible to join the Twisted Vaudeville Circus for this and to make so many new friends. While 13 hours in total on road was a little exhausting it was completely worth putting on such amazing show!

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger 


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