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WPT: Faux Bettie Bang Piece

Hello lovelies!

For this week’s Weekly Pinup Tip (WPT) I’m featuring one of my favourite hairstyle, the Faux Bettie Bang! The Bettie Bang is an iconic pinup hairstyle which is a curved fringe made famous by pinup queen Bettie Page. I love being able to do many styles with my hair, so cutting my hair into a fringe isn’t something I’d like to do as it would restrict what styles I could do, but the Faux Bettie Bang eliminates this issue, its where a section of hair is taken and rolled up to create the illusion of a fringe.

I’ll soon be posting up a tutorial for the Faux Bettie Bang on my YouTube channel in the next couple weeks, but today I’ll be giving some tips on achieving this look! When I first started experimenting with this style I found it almost impossible to do just using my own hair and bobby pins, no matter how much I teased my hair I couldn’t not seem to master it. I soon discovered you could buy hair pieces to help style this look, you can also buy bun donuts and cut them to your desired shape to wrap your hair in to create the perfect Faux Bettie Bang!
While these hair pieces are fabulous, I prefer making my own pieces, and while what I’m about to say does sound a little gross it works so well, and you cannot notice when you’re wearing, unlike the bun donuts which are visible if not hidden perfectly. You can create your own hair piece by waiting for your excess hair to build up in your hairbrush, and once you have a reasonable amount you remove the hair from your hairbrush in one piece and roll this until its all smooth, you can take a pair of scissors to trim any hair sticking out, and its as simple as that! As this matches your hair, it can’t be seen, and I find its easier to create however much volume you’d like in your bang, I personally find this is easier to create the Faux Bettie Bang with.

The Faux Bettie Bang is definitely a trickier hairstyle, to master but like all things it just needs lots of practise. Persistence is key to pinup styling, if it were easy everyone would do it after all. I’ll be recording a tutorial for this hairstyle next Wednesday and I’ll share it to my website as soon as its online!

Photo by Jeff McCathry

Photo by Jeff McCathry

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

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