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Hello lovelies,

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page that I had a rather exciting announcement to make today, well it turns out I have not only one exciting thing to share, but two! Today I’ll be sharing with you the first of these, the second thing I’ll be sharing real soon, I just thought I’d tease you a little with so many big projects in the horizon!

A little peep from a recent shoot with Della Photography!

A little peep from a recent shoot with Della Photography!

What I’m sharing today is an aspiration of mine, a goal which I wrote out a year ago, and it’s something I’m awaiting to find to find out the outcome, but I thought sharing it with you would be fabulous idea, as even if its something I don’t achieve in the next year, I’m going to dream big and make it happen one day!

Only a few days ago my entry was posted into the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend Pinup Contest gallery, which means I may possibly be a competitor in Viva 19’s Pinup Contest! For those who may not have heard the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is one of the biggest events for the rockabilly, vintage, and pinup community in the whole world. It features many fabulous affairs including the pinup contest, burlesque events, fashion shows, vendors, pool party, live entertainment, and so much more!

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While I have entered this contest, I won’t find out until January 4th if I’ve made it through, but I do have another chance of being a part of the contest through a public vote which commences January 5th and all finalists being announced February 2nd. While this would be a dream come true, I do understand I may not get through, but it doesn’t mean a pinup girl can’t dream! I’m truly hoping I’ll be given this opportunity to showcase the pinup glamour we have in our little ol’ city of Perth, all the way to Las Vegas at this amazing event, be sure to wish me a little luck, and I’ll be posting up as soon as I know either way!

Much love,

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