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Perth's very own pinup queen, burlesque artist, producer, & blogger.

Getting ready with Miss Lady Lace!

Hello lovelies,

Today I’ve posted up a fabulous little getting ready with me video to my YouTube Channel! In the video I show you how I style my hair in the morning, and while I’ve shortened the video by increasing the speed, it only takes me around 7 minutes to brush out, style and create a Bettie Bang!

In this video I’m wear a brassier from Dita Von Teese’s collective, with my new robe from Secrets in Lace! 

I had a rather glamorously productive day with dance rehearsals for one of the Fringe show’s I’m in, titled Burlesque Beats, and then recorded three videos. I’ll be release the rest lated this week, and also filming a bettie bang tutorial next week!

More fabulous vintage blogs are coming real soon!

Much love,

Miss Lady Lace


Burlesque Artist | Pinup Girl | Vintage Blogger

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