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FVC: French 75

Good afternoon lovelies!

It’s Friday, the beginning of the weekend, and time for one of my favourite blogs; Friday’s Vintage Cocktail! A little blog addition I created to celebrate when some of us have a little time off, and to share fabulous vintage cocktail recipes. This week we’ll be making the French 75!

As always please be sure to drink responsibly and to abide by your state’s drinking laws, in case any younger readers come across my blog you can always make a mocktail version of this cocktail.

This week I’ve tuned into my favourite radio station 101.7FM (Capitol Radio, you can listen online) and turned up my jukebox right up while dancing around in vintage lingerie, and putting together this week’s cocktail! We recently did a little clean up in our vintage styled home, and re-oganised the bar area in our living room, I feel it looks so much tidier and more accessible for concocting drinks!

French 75 is a classic vintage drink named after the potent 75-millimeter M1897 gun, which was used during the World War 1. As the name says, this drink does have a little bit of a kick, so prepare yourself for some delicious liquor!


  • 1 jigger of gin.
  • 2 jiggers of champagne.
  • 2 jiggers of fresh lemon juice.
  • a pinch of fine sugar.
  • Tonic water (optional).
  • a Tom Collins glass, but I’ve used a vintage champagne glass!


  1. Put all your ingredient into a cocktail shaker (minus tonic water) with ice and shake well.
  2. Pour into your glass, and top with either champagne or tonic water, I opted with tonic for a little less potency. You can also garnish with lemon slices or anything else that comes to mind!


The French 75 is a fabulous, easy to make cocktail that will put a little glamour into your Friday night! I tend to make quite a citrus based drinks as I adore the flavour on a Summer’s day, and I always add a little extra lemon for that zingy flavour! A lot of drinks have recommended glasses for serving, but it’s fun to be creative and use something completely different, maybe even a mason jar with a ribbon around, or a fancy vintage piece. Cocktails are exciting, full of flavour and are meant to be play and experimented with, using different ingredients and different garnishes!


In today’s blog I’m wear a vintage lingerie piece I bought secondhand, with my sunflower from Daisy Jean Floral! I’m wearing my signature lipstick from Natio (“Rush” red), with a vintage pair of earrings from Simply Secondhand!

I do hope you enjoy this week’s drink, and that you have a glamorous weekend!

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Girl | Vintage Blogger 

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