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Film Review: Bettie Page Reveals All

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m writing up a little review for a documentary I watched recently on the ever enticing Bettie Page, titled Bettie Page Reveals All (2012). Although if I’m honest I watched this multiple times to take in as much of it as I could. For those who’ve not heard of Bettie Page she is one of the most iconic pinup girls from the golden age of glamour, she was both famous for her cute pinup shots and infamous for her more edgy fetish-styled images taken notably by Irving Claw, which were risqué for the 1950’s!

The documentary starts by looking into what Bettie means to people, the immense fame that she still has today, and then begins to question, what happened to Bettie Page? By the 1960’s she had disappeared from the public’s eye, and left many wondering what had happened to her. We cut to a scene  filmed in 2008, a funeral for the former pinup queen, Bettie, with warm word spoken about her.

The screen fades to black and a man speaks, and the voice of an elderly woman responds, this woman is Bettie Page, she begins to tell her story, she shares her life with us through her words, photos, and footage from long ago. Bettie Page achieved many amazing things, but she also suffered a great deal. This is the story of Bettie Page, the queen of the pinups, in her own words.

If you are adore pinup girls, this is a must see documentary! It’s incredible, inspiring, saddening, uplifting, and beautiful all at the same time. We get an intimate look into Bettie’s life, and her journey from pinup fame, and what came after this. We hear her struggles and her triumphs. We hear her insight into this time of glamour long since passed and her views on all her work.  In this documentary we do not see Bettie speaking, as she wishes to be remembered the way she was. The amazing people who put this together have really created something amazing, and a piece of the immortal Bettie Page that will live on forever.

I’m honestly shocked its taken me so long to watch this, I’m an avid Bettie fan, in my collection I own a photo signed by both Bunny and Bettie, and have adored her since a teenager, when 16 I even dressed up as her for a pop culture themed party, I had a pencil skirt, blouse and carried a whip around! If you’ve not seen this yet, you should do it today!

You can either stream or download Bettie Page Reveals All from the official website!

Bettie on Beach
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