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Body Confidence Series (1)

Hello lovelies!

I’m so very excited to be sharing with you all my new body confidence series where I’ll be sharing tips on how you can improve you confidence! Confidence is something I hold dear to my heart as it’s not always something I’ve had, and through working in events and teaching I’ve seen so many other struggle with their own confidence issues leading this to become something I focus on in my work.

Today I’m talking self love, selfie love, and just how beautiful you really are! Look in that mirror and tell yourself just how amazingly beautiful you are!

Miss Lady Lace's Body Confidence SeriesPart 1-3

>> I’m having trouble directly embedding my video to this post, so if you’d like to view it please click here!  << 

Through positivity we can gain so much in our lives, always look to the bright side, and when you look in the mirror focus on what you love about yourself. You’re a unique snowflake, there’s no one else like you in this whole world, and that is the most beautiful thing of all.

If you struggle with confidence you can reach out to a friend of family member, let others help you on your journey. If anyone needs someone to talk to, I’m always here and happy to help!

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or feed back be sure to comment below, and if you loved this video as much I loved making it and sharing my message of self love be sure to hit the like button. If you’d like to be kept up to date with all my vintage fun be sure to subscribe to me channel.

New videos coming out every Thursday!

Much love,


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