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Glitter, Blood & Tears Review

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m sharing with you something completely different, something not vintage, and something not pinup! Today I have for you a book review of a different kind. A little while ago I toured up to Geraldton to perform in a show, where I met a range of amazing performers, one of which was Ryan, who at the time was dressed up as Panache a drag queen with this tour being her very last show before Ryan moved onto his new character Vicious Von Vixen. Ryan is one of those beautiful souls you make an instant connection with and it wasn’t long before we really good friends. He shared with me he’d been working on a book, and I was lucky enough to receive a proof copy to read and today I’m sharing with you my thoughts!

The handsome author, Ryan!

The handsome author, Ryan!

Glitter, Blood & Tears is a book that tells the story of a young gifted man, Mathew, it shares how he became the man he is, and how he came to be a highly regarded drag queen. Mathew being extremely talented, also has his darker thoughts too. The book brings you close to Mathew, to see his trials and triumphs, and when the plot begins to grow you can both relate and be appalled by him.

I read this book and I positively adored it! When I read it I was completely engrossed and I couldn’t put it down for more than a few minutes, there’s so much depth to the book, you want to find out how it develops. Glitter, Blood & Tears made me smile, brought me to tears, and took me on a journey with some dark twists. The book itself was quite an easy read, the writing style and language used aren’t too complex that you’ll need a dictionary nearby, which I think makes the book flow so well. While this is a fictional story I truly felt a connection to the main character Mathew, feeling so much for all he goes through. The book explores life, sex, hardship, equality, revenge, murder and so much more. I’d absolutely recommend this for anyone looking for a new book to read, even for those who find horror scary, I’m sure you’ll find this a fabulous read, and you’ll be supporting one of Perth’s newest authors!

I’ve not tried to give too much away in what I’ve share, but I must warn that this book does have sexual references, and is a horror, so I’d recommend this for a more mature reader.

Each week I’ve seen the success of this book progress further and further, each week Glitter Blood & Tears has announced new events, new book stores supplying this both nationally and internationally, and so much more. From the feedback from those who’ve read the book, and the growth of distributors the success of this book is undoubtable.

Glitter, Blood & Tears is now available from a range of distributors, online, and in person at events the author Ryan is taking part in. Further details can be found on the book’s Facebook Page. There’s also a Sundowner Book Signing taking place April 8th with further details available by clicking here where you can buy your very own copy for only $20!

Escape reality today, you need this amazing book!

Much love,


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