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Vintage Eyewear

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m sharing with you all a fabulous blog on vintage eyewear. I think one of my favourite parts of vintage life is when you have a desired vintage item, there’s a lot of research you put in, then you begin to search for your dream piece, for me at the moment I’m hunting the perfect pair of true vintage sunglasses! I own quite a few pairs of modern vintage sunglasses, but I’m on a mission to find the perfect pair of true vintage sunnies.

Vintage eyewear whether in the form of sunglasses or spectacles are the perfect accessory for you to make your pinup look that little bit more vintage! I think the vintage look is all int the small details, and eyewear is something you can either downplay or utilise something more unique! Not only are sunglasses are a fabulous piece, but they’re also important to ensure your eyes are protected from the sun, and they’ll also help with reducing wrinkles which can be caused by sun damage, or squinting in the sun!

When it comes to what shape best suits your face, throw all those rules out the window and have fun trying on different styles that catch you eye. The rules are made to be broken, look for eyewear that stands out to you, and select what you think looks fabulous on you!

My Favourite Styles: 

  • The Cat Eye
    The cat eye is characterised by the shape of the frame, it is rounded then sweeps off to the side much like a cat’s eye, or cat eye makeup. The Cat Eye style can come in a range of shapes within it’s style, some more elongated to the side, while other are more rounded. This style is perfect for capturing that 1940’s/1950’s vintage look.


  • Rounded Lens 
    The rounded lens is a beautiful and unique  style which captures a look from another time. The lenses can range in sizes depending on what era they’re from or replicating, some sense are tiny, and others are made a lot larger. This style is great for your 1930’s/1940’s style vintage look, I personally adore this with a playsuit, capris, or wiggle skirt!


  • Novelty 
    Novelty eyewear are pieces that are a little more eccentric, novelty can be a crazy shape, colour, pattern or incorporating another fun element like featuring an animal, flower or something else. Novelty eyewear are a fabulous statement piece!


Where to buy them:

  • For vintage replica sunglasses, modern pinup stores like Cherri Lane Clothing are the best place to have a look, though modern sunglass stores usually have a couple styles available. The advantage of modern glasses is they can be quite durable, and are more readily available, though a more authentic look can be harder to find.
  • For true vintage you can try vintage stores and markets. Vintage pieces are fabulous as you can find the desired look, and vintage feels like it has a history to it, the only downside is that it can be hunt to find them, and as they’re an older item you do need to treat them with more care. Stores such as Momo’s Vintage, Bluebird Vintage and many others often have fabulous vintage eyewear!

Photo from Bluebird Vintage when I went to their store to try on some of their vintage pieces!


If you wear prescriptions never fear, quite a few modern sunglasses are designed so you can put a prescription lenses into them, when at a store the sales assistant there should be able to let you know. With true vintage pieces this can be a little trickier, though you can always check with the shop owner, or chat to the person who will be changing the lenses, ask about what styles can be used with prescriptions.

Keep your eyes fashionably protected ladies!

Much love,

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One comment on “Vintage Eyewear

  1. Vera Gin
    April 3, 2016

    This is great timing as I’m planning on getting new glasses and prescription sunnies in about a month’s time, and will be looking for vintage styles.


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