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Friday’s Vintage Cocktail

Hello lovelies,

Today I have for you all my fabulous Friday’s Vintage Cocktail blog! To celebrate the weekend I’ll be concocting a decadent cocktail from the golden age of glamour! As always please be sure to drink responsibly, and if any younger readers stumble across my blog, abide by your states drinking laws, you can always make the non-alcoholic version of this!

This Friday we’ll be making the Bellini cocktail which was created sometime between 1934 – 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy! When creating the drink it originally started as a seasonal drink, but became incredibly popular in both Italy and America! Giuseppe the creator titled the drink Bellini as the pink colour of the drink reminded him of 15th-century Venetian artist, Giovanni Bellini.


  • Two ripe peaches peeled, and slced with the stone removed. (I may have forgot to peel my peaches and it still was perfect!)
  • A couple ice cubes.
  • Champagne (or sparkling wine).
  • Two chilled champagne glasses.


  1. In a blender place peaches and a couple ice cubes, blend until completely smooth.
  2. Elegantly pour the peach puree evening between two glasses.
  3. Top each glass up with champagne, stirring ingredients as the glass begins to fill.
  4. Enjoy with someone special in your life! This cocktail is perfect as a pre-dinner treat with appetisers!


I adore this drink! It’s like drinking a smooth but fluffy cloud! I blended two rather large peaches, so I’m using quite a bit of peach within each drink which gives it a beautiful fruity flavour. This drink, like most recipes listed would be fabulous for pre-dinner drinks, or as a desert cocktail! I think this would also be fabulous to the base to a punch, make a large quantity, add in some fruit slices and you have a party right there! This drink is rich in the sense its quite sweet, so if you like your liquor to taste like liquor this drink probably isn’t up you alley! For us who love the sweeter things in life, I’d definitely recommend this decadent drink!

I do hope you have a fabulous weekend! If you’re looking for something  exciting to do tomorrow The Perth Pinup Community, myself and Cherri Lane Clothing are hosting a vintage fashion show at Millen Primary’s 1950’s themed school fete, we’ll be on the main stage at 2:15pm!

Much love,


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    April 1, 2016

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  2. Vera Gin
    April 3, 2016

    Mmm, love peaches! This sounds very yummy!

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