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Pinup Journey (part two)

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m sharing part two of a bog series on my pinup journey/pinup story blog. I feel sharing my story is so very important as I’ve not always been the person I am today, a lot of people see who I am and what I do and think that they can’t do that or feel confident, it took so much work, personal development, failures and successes to get to where I am. My journey is still continuing, I work everyday to be the best possibly version of myself. I feel on our journey it’s really important to reflect on how far we’ve come, and celebrate this too.

In today’s video I’m also sharing photos others have shared with me, and a little about their pinup journeys. I’m so inspired by the people I surround myself with, and I can’t thank these women enough for letting me share something that is so personal. In this video I have feature Maria Mayhem, Odette Morphette, Elsie Darling, and Ruby Clementine from The Perth Pinup Community. We had many photos shared on the group, I do hope to do another video featuring more of their stories.

Today I want you to challenge yourself, be the person you’ve always wanted to be, ignore all fears and voices that tell you can’t. You’re incredible, you’re unique, and you deserve to be happy. Have the confidence to wear your pinup style with pride, or whatever style most resinates with you. Reach out to those around you if you need support.

If you have your own pinup story you wish to share I would truly love to see photos, you can comment below, send me a message, or even post something on Instagram with #mypinupjourney

In this video I mentioned a few other videos I’ve made that you may find useful:

My Pinup Story (part one):

How to start dressing pinup:

Thank you so much for watching my video today, if you liked it be sure to hit the “like” button, and maybe share this with a friend! To stay up to date with all my fabulous vintage fun be sure to subscribe to my channel, and I’ll be seeing you all real soon!

Much love,

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