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Pinup Meet & Cherri Lane Haul!

Hello lovelies!

On Monday morning The Perth Pinup Community had a fabulous little meet up at The Colony Coffee House of Midland where we treated ourselves to some tasty treats and hot drinks which was fabulous with the weather finally cooling down for Autumn. We had an amazing time catching up with one another, and also meeting new friends. We then walked down the road to Cherri Lane for a little retail therapy! I probably treated myself a little too much but can you really put a price on fabulous pinup clothing?


I thought I’d share my little haul with you because I really love the items I bought, as well as to share some of the fabulous things you can find at Cherri Lane which is a fabulous pinup and alternative store in Midland, if you’ve not been you need to check it out!

Flamingo Dress ($94.99)

Cherri Lane has so many fabulous pieces from Collectif Clothing in at the moment, but this flamingo dress I could not pass up. The photo really does not do this dress justice but the fabric has a beautiful vintage-like texture, and the dress itself is a sarong style which is incredibly flattering! The straps can also be changed up, you can wear them traditionally or like I have in this photo, with a criss cross on the front of back for a more show-stopping look!

Pink Dress ($19.99)

Cherri Lane have a few styles that they’re clearing out at the moment and this exquisite dress is one of them, and is only $20! I love this style as it has a beautiful 1940’s flare to it, and has beautiful details including the elegant sleeves, lace ending, v-neckline, and the beautiful front that flows down! While I do love my true vintage clothing, modern pieces are much easier to clean, maintain, and you can wear them a lot more as aged clothing needs to be treated more delicately.


Also if you missed it in the photo above, Noodle is hiding in the background of the photo! He’s such a cutie!

Apron ($19.99)

Hello my name is Miss Lady Lace, and I have a apron collecting problem! I couldn’t resist this beauty though, I own quite a few half aprons and I’d be on the hunt for a full apron like this with frills and I couldn’t resist the temptation of this! I love polka dots, I love the colour pink, and I love aprons!

The apron itself is from Hell Bunny and is quite good quality, it is lined, and the fabric is very durable and I actually use my aprons for cooking and cleaning so I need them to be easy to clean, and actually made for doing housework. You can’t see it in this photo, but it also has an adorable love heart shaped pocket!

Shape wear ($44.95)
In vintage styling silhouettes play a big role in replicating a look, and shape wear is something I’m always on the hunt for especially something a little softer than the corsets I own for more day-to-day use. This piece is fabulous though, quite reasonably priced, and quite comfortable too. I’ve only worn this bad boy once, but I will post a follow up blog on this!

Bamboo Bangles ($14.99)


I actually noticed these fabulous bangles when I was in Cherri the week before, but I thought “no, I don’t need these” and since that day I’ve had about three outfits they would have worked perfectly with, so with trip I knew I had to make them a part of my collection! If you’re dressing pinup on a budget I recommend in getting lots of accessories as they can give new life to an old outfit!

Head scarfs ($4.99 each)

Headscarfs are the ultimate accessory you can wear them tie up, you can cover your pin curls, you can easily use them for lazy hair days, your can use them as a waist belt, or necktie, they’re so versatile!

If you’re at all tempted by all these pretty things I’ve shared with you today, you should go visit Cherri Lane who are located in Midland (shop 2/53 The Crescent Midland Juction, across from Midland Gate), you’ll have a fabulous time trying on clothing, and I do believe they also offer lay-bys!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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