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Workshop Announcement!

Hello lovelies!

I’m so very excited to be sharing new workshop dates with all of you for a regular class and a new class! Teaching is something I truly adore as I’m able to share my passions to those who are wanting to learn more, I also love being able to learn more about that person and they’re journey in life.

Pinup Wet Set Hair Workshop-3
The first of two dates I have is for a new workshop, the Pinup Wet Set Workshop taking place June 12th from 4pm at Memphis Belle’s studio. This workshop teaching the art of using a wet set to achieve pinup perfect hair using foam curlers, we have very limited places which are only $80 per person which includes a 24 foam curler set, chiffon headscarf, setting lotion recipe, and lots of glamorous fun! To secure your spot or to find our more email contact@ladylace.com.au!

Vintage Pinup June 2016

The second workshop date is for my incredibly fabulous Vintage Pinup Introductory Workshop, which is taking place Sunday June 26th at Memphis Belle’s studio! This fabulous class teaches all the fundamental to pinup including hair and makeup, posing, body confidence, history, and also has a glamorous pinup photo shoot! The day costs $150 including an edited photo from you shoot! This course only has six places so be sure to email contact@ladylace.com.au!

Behind the scenes from a recent workshop.

Behind the scenes from a recent workshop.

More fabulous workshops will be announced soon!

Much love,

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