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Hello lovelies!

Today I’m putting together a blog as requested by the beautiful Rebecca who was wondering if I could make a blog on how to use Instagram, and I do hope she, and maybe a few others find this post useful! Instagram is a social media application where its free to share photos and videos, it’s available on multiple platforms from iPhone to Android. Unlike Facebook you can only upload content from your mobile, iPad or other device, on a computer you can view content and interact but not post up content.


I adore Instagram, I think I’m a very visual person, and Instagram is all about the photos and videos. I think I like Instagram more than Facebook because it’s more positive, and the images are really inspiring, while sometimes Facebook can features a lot of negativity. I follow people who inspire me, and you should do the same so your newsfeed is full of things that uplift you.

Downloading Instagram & the basics:

To download Instagram you can visit your App Store, or even just type Instagram into the browser of your mobile device and there should be a link available where you can find the download option. Instagram is a free service, so you don’t require a credit card to download, if you’re downloading from the Apple App Store you will need an iTunes account, but it won’t cost you anything.

Once you have your app, you’ll need to create an account which can be done in the app through Facebook (it says “Log in With Facebook”) or at the bottom of the page it will say “Don’t have an account? Sign Up.” this will require or mobile number or email address, and you’ll also need to create a username, and password. If you’re a pinup girl it’s a good idea to use your pinup name, for instance I use my pinup name Miss Lady Lace, if you run a business you wish to promote it can be a good idea to use the business name. This will make it much easier for people to find you.

I’ve not recently created an account but you’ll then be directed to a page which will most likely either suggest people or friends to follow or allow you to edit your profile. You can usually skip this option if you’re not ready to do this yet. You should then be taken to the main home screen which will look a little something like this (minus the newsfeed posts from other people unless you’ve started following someone):


Along the bottom you have your navigational bar (I’ve highlight this is maroon), the little house icon will take you back to the home screen which the screen we’re currently on, the magnifying glass icon will take you to a screen where you can browse and find members, the camera icon takes you to uploading your own content either by taking a photo or uploading a photo, the love heart icon takes you show who likes your photos, and the person icon takes you to your profile. Once you’ve found some people to follow you can see their photos in your newsfeed (homepage), you can comment on their photos, or double click them to like them (you can also like their photo by click the love heart below their picture, like the one below the photo of Marilyn above).

Uploading a photo:

Click the camera icon to begin, when you upload a photo you can choose from the bottom navigation bar, either from your library, photo or video. I usually take a photo using my camera, then edit it using the Fotor app, and then upload this to Instagram. For uploading from your library you can choose any photo from you camera roll or another gallery in your phone. On my photo above you can also see some icons along the bottom of this, these can adjust the crop, put a video on loop, or make a collage. Once you’re happy with this you click “Next” at the top right of the page. If you wish to exit this simply select “Cancel” on the top left.

You can then if you’d like to add a filter if you like, simply select the filter by clicking it, you can also control how heavy the filter application is. Another icon listed as “Edit” next to the “Filter” icon, through this you can control brightness, contrast and other photo settings. Again once you’re happy with this you can select “Next” on the top right.

The next screen you’ll see if the final screen before uploading or sending your photo. At the top of the page you can see mine is listed as “Followers” which shares this publicly, if you select “Direct” you directly send the photo to someone you follow.

You can than write a caption relevant to the photo, in the caption there are no limits on how many letters you can use, you can also tag people by use the @ symbol, for instance mine is @missladylace, when you write @ usually as you write the person’s Instagram username, their name will appear. You can also use hashtags, hashtags will allow other people to find your photo, for instance I usually hashtag #pinup #pinupgirl #vintageglamour #missladylace. Be sure to hashtag relevant key words, for the photo above I probably wouldn’t hashtag something like #candle, because it has nothing to do with the photo.

You can also see a tab that says “tag people”, say if you and your friends are in a photo, when you select “tag friends” you’ll be taken to your photo and you can click on the screen and tag them directly to the photo. As well as tagging friends, you can tag businesses, so if you’re wearing your favourite dress from a brand like Collectif, you can tag them in the photo.

Underneath this it says “tag location”, you can also add a location, be careful not to tag where you live, I’ve seen many people make the mistake of tagging their house with a funny name but then anyone can see where you live.

I’ve highlighted the Facebook option above, if you select this it will link to your Facebook profile so it will automatically share this there too, you can also link Twitter, Tumblr and/or Flickr.

Finally you can select “Share” at the bottom, and your photo will upload to Instagram.

Seeing who likes your photos:

This is the love heart icon’s page, at the top it has “Following” and “You”, when select on “You” you’re able to see who’s recently followed you, or liked your photo. You’re able to follow people who follow you, click on your own photo, or visit profiles who’ve like your photo. If you select “Following” it shows people who you follow and the recent images they’ve liked. This means anyone who follows you can see what you like if they check their “Following” tab.

Your profile:

The person icon on the bottom of your navigational bar takes you to your profile where you can view your profile, edit setting, edit your profile, change your profile picture, see photos your tagged in, and much more. I’ve labelled most of the component above and I’ll break this down a little more below.

  1. This icon is for your settings/options page, here you can find friends, edit you profile, change your password, make your profile private which means people can request to follow you, and you can also log out. On here you can also find friends, you can find them through Facebook, through your phone, or invite them to join Instagram too.IMG_6263
  2. Is your profile photo, if you click on this icon it will give you options on how to upload your profile photo.
  3. Lists your profile statistics, how many posts you’ve made, how many people follow you, and how many people you follow. This can be seen by anyone.
  4. Edit profile is quite self explanatory, you can add your website link, change your profile photo and edit your bio which can been as point 5.IMG_6262
  5. This is your bio which is displayed on your profile, you can write anything in this section. You can include your job, hobbies, interests, other website links, and more.
  6. This is another navigation bar, from the left you can have you photos as icon, the next over shows your profiles photos larger with your captions, the next icon see any posts you’ve tagged with location, and the last icon takes you to posts that you’re tagged in by yourself or other people.

Instagram is a very user friendly application, with a little practise you’ll have mastered there website in no time! I do hope if you’re new to Instagram or maybe even considering trying this that you find this blog helpful.

If you have any more specific questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email or comment below.

More vintage blogs coming real soon!

Much love,


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W: www.ladylace.com.au

FB: www.facebook.com/missladylace

IG: @missladylace


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