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Strip, Strip, Hooray!

Hello lovelies!

Something incredibly magical took place just this weekend passed, and I’m very excited to be sharing my fabulous experience. For the last week I’ve had the worst flu, but no flu could take away the happiness that I would have on Saturday night. Only a few months ago a promotion company announced that Dita Von Teese’s “Strip, Strip, Hooray!” show was touring in Australia! My heart skipped a beat with excitement! Last year I was honoured to see Dita walk in the Wheels & Dollbaby fashion show, and meet her after the show, but I thought seeing her burlesque show would be a dream I would have to wait much longer to come true!

Meeting Dita last year at the Wheels & Dollbaby fashion show.

Meeting Dita last year at the Wheels & Dollbaby fashion show.

Some of my glamorous friends and I decided we’d all go together, and we’d really treat ourselves to Gold Reserve and upgrade to VIP, which was advertised as including a cocktail party with Dita, alas it was too good to be true and the promotion company who I shall not name and shame (but it’s not hard to source this) had advertised this incorrectly. While we were disappointed, we weren’t going to let this hinder us having an amazing night!

Dita down under holding a koala at an animal sanctuary.

Dita down under holding a koala at an animal sanctuary.

Pre-Show Shenanigans 

The Perth Pinup Community had a soiree at Defectors Bar, we had the balcony area overflowing with glamorous ladies as we had such an overwhelming turn out! We all could not contain our excitement as the reality of the evening began to really sink in, tonight we’d be seeing Dita and many other performers take to the stage.

My Outfit

For my outfit I wanted to channel a little Hollywood glamour, I wore a beautiful dark purple slim fitting, floor length gown which is the dress I actually wore to my ball, it used to have medieval sleeves, but I had it altered quite sometime ago to be more wearable for me now. I coupled this with an elegant faux fur piece, satin red gloves, and vintage jewels.


My handsome husband-to-be wore a beautiful purple pinstripe suit with tales, with a red tie to match my outfit. He also wore a suit pin and pocket watch.


The Show

I shall not give away too much about the show, but rather hopefully only give you a little tease of the night! I adored Strip, Strip, Hooray so much! It was thrilling, glamorous, captivating, inspiring, and the most sparkle I’ve ever seen on one stage! There were two acts, with a four to five performances in each with an intermission in between. Dita is a very hands-on person, and I know from the lineup and her own acts she put her heart and soul into creating an opulent show.

Murray Hill 
This handsome man was the hilarious MC for the evening, from the moment he took to the stage you couldn’t take your eyes off him, and had your stomach aching with laughter. He truly is Mr. Showbiz.

Natasha Estrada
She’s graced the stages of Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Dublin and now Australia. Natasha has such a fire in her eyes and is such a talented performer, but oh my, her real skill is with tassel, she can twirl like I’ve never seen before!

Perle Noire
Perle is a performer I’d been long awaited to see a live performance from, I’ve watched her so many times on YouTube but I new in the flesh she’d be even more astounding. She has an incredibly unique performance, incorporating so many fabulous dynamic elements. With high kicks, flips, and flexibly she will make your jaw drop with all the talent this woman has!

Ginger Valentine 
Ginger is a classic beauty from Texas, she’s a modern Bettie Page with moves to kill. She has a classic styled performance, and has mastered the art of the tease.

Catherine D’Lish 
Only a few years ago I was honoured to train in a workshop taught by Catherine D’Lish and it was a real treat to see her on stage. She oozes vintage glamour, and teases in a slow and sultry style, she’ll really get you caught in her web!

Jett Adore

My oh my, Jett Adore blew the audience away, he was sexy and lightly comical, something quite different to so much of the boylesque I’ve seen. He commanded the stage and it obeyed, he just had such a presence and the choreography and movement was perfect.

Dita Von Teese

We’d all heard so much about her shows, seen so many of reels and videos online, tonight we were all waiting on the edge of our seats to see the woman who brought back modern burlesque, the woman who is referred to as the Queen of Burlesque, and we were all waiting to see the magic she brought to the stage. As Murray Hill introduced the first performer of the night, Dita Von Teese, the house was brought down with screams, cheers, and applause as she took to the stage.

Dita Von Teese is pure elegance with every step she takes, she has the most opulent costumes that glitz and glimmer so brightly it lit up the entire room. She performed four glamorous performances throughout the night, each more of a spectacle than the last with the use of dazzling costumes, extravagant props, two handsome backup dancers, and so many other theatrical elements. If you stripped it all away though, you’d still have an astounding performance, the amount of joy and love you can see when she performs was clear all the way from the back of the room.

Thank you so much Dita and all her amazing cast and crew who toured to Perth, our little city is often missed in tours and we’re eternally grateful for you bringing your glamour our way. You’ve made a dream come true for so many Perth pinups, and ignited our passions.

Dita with MC Murray Hill, and her two handsome backup dancers; Alek Palinski, and Eliezer Martinez

Dita with MC Murray Hill, and her two handsome backup dancers; Alek Palinski, and Eliezer Martinez.

If you adore Dita’s look she recently published her book “Your Beauty Mark” which is a really fabulous read featuring everything from exercise, to tutorials on how to master the vintage aesthetic. They were available at Dymocks and other book stores, but you’ll be able to find them online too.

Dita Von Teese and Wheels & Dollbaby have also announced the next Dita Cardigan which is in a fabulous lilac colour, pre-order are available now!


I have more fabulous vintage blogs coming real soon. I’m actually feeling much better today and hope to be recording more videos later this week.

Much love,


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One comment on “Strip, Strip, Hooray!

  1. vinnieh
    March 30, 2017

    You are lucky to have met Dita, she’s a real beauty.

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