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Weekly Vintage Attire

Hello lovelies,

What a lovely start to the week with so many exciting things taking place including pinup catch ups, photoshoots, and so much more! I thought it would be fabulous to start with my first blog of the week being my weekly vintage attire post, where I’ll be featuring a few of the fabulous outfits I wore last week, as well as where I sourced them from and what I got up to! I also have a few outfit of the day videos which I’ve been sharing on Instagram and YouTube, so I’ll be sure to share them in this write up too!

After a rather busy weekend I had a lazy hair day, wearing my hair in a pink snood, which is a fabulous way of having the look of vintage hair, and it only takes two minutes to put into you hair! Pink is my absolute favourite colour, and I’ve overdosed a little on this day!


Cardigan: Alannah Hill.
Blouse: op shop find.
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Skirt: vintage market find from the Sou’West Festival.
Earrings: vintage piece from Sophistihat.

Another day, another pink outfit! I really adore the coat I wore this day, it’s a piece my dad gave me quite recently, it used to belong to his mother (my grandmother), and having this sentimental value, it truly makes the piece really quite special.


Dress Belt: Cherri Lane.
Brooch: The Perth Pinup Community official brooch from Deer Arrow.
Coat: a vintage piece once owned by my grandmother.
Necklace: a gift from my mother.
Earrings: op shop find from Anglicare Morley.

On this day of glorious pink glamour I went to Dome to work on some blogs while enjoying coffee, when I received a notification that my Dita cardigan would be arriving today, I quickly finished what I needed to, then headed home to await the postman. My sweetheart had surprised me with ordering it for me, I showed him the new amazing lilac colour and the next day he ordered it! I was so thrilled when it arrived, it’s such a beautiful colour and a high quality!


Unfortunately this week I began to feel quite ill again, which is the second time in the last few weeks, but I think dressing glamorously really uplifts and makes you feel better, and for me at least prettier when I’m feeling a little gross.


Top: op shop find.
Skirt: from the Memory Lane closing down sale.
Brooch: Central Antiques.
Earrings: vintage piece from Sophistihat.


On Friday I went to the Nifnex Small Business Expo, although I really wasn’t feeling well I had an amazing time, it was so lovely to chat to so many inspiring people and network with some amazing businesses. From this day I made some great connections and have a few things in the works because of it!


Cardigan: the Dita cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby.
Skirt: Target.
Earrings: vintage pieces which belong to my grandmother.


Cardigan: from Revival.
Dress: an op shop find for Anglicare Morley.
Necklace: a vintage piece from Bettina Darling.


Saturday was a truly special day, I was having my family and bridesmaids over to trial a couple cakes flavours for my wedding in October. Being vegan I had been a little nervous about the cake as not every bakery offers cakes for a vegan diet, I thankfully found an amazing baker called Vegelicious Cakes, who make vegan cakes and were truly patient with my ideas. It was really lovely to some of the closest people in my life over for tea and cake and to chat about our big day!




What a fabulous week it was! Be sure to stay tuned as tomorrow I’ll be posting up my weekly video to my YouTube Channel!

Much love,

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