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Bettina Darling Launch!

Hello lovelies!

A couple weeks ago I had not only the honour of attending the Bettina Darling Launch party, but also performing a fabulous vintage performance at this elegant event. Bettina Darling is a new company run by the beautiful Beth who owned Momo’s Vintage Perth for many years, in 2016 we saw Momo’s close it’s doors and the announcement that Bettina Darling an online clothing boutique specialising in pre-loved designer and original vintage fashion would be launching soon.

I was thrilled to receive a beautiful invitation in the mail for their launch and Beth then asked me if I’d like to perform a glamorous number at the event, and I couldn’t say no to this lovely lady! I decided to create something new for this day, and incorporated a costume dress I bought recently! The act was super cute, and I’ve listed the video below, though this is not too high quality. The beginning of the routine is also edited out as I’m off stage for most of this. For the part you missed a train can heard and I run out, to have missed my train, I try hitchhiking and with no luck I decide to dance my blues away!

The event was truly spectacular, the room was decorated beautiful, and there was a selfie booth, and a flat lay contest booth which I thought was a unique fun idea! From wall to wall there were designer and vintage pieces on racks, and tables, as well as tables of delicious food, and endless champagne!

It was lovely to catch up with some of my beautiful pinup friends including Dolly Von Blonde, Six Strap Sally (photo below), and Miss Lillian Rose, as well as meeting so many amazing people there too. It was truly fabulous to see an array of unique people come together, some people were there for vintage, others were their for designer, but in the end we all had a passion for fashion in common.


I was a little sad to see Momo’s leave, but Bettina Darling is something truly special that Beth has put her heart and soul into, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here! I highly recommend you have a look at the Bettina Darling website, like their Facebook page, and follow their Instagram!


More fabulous vintage blogs coming soon!

Much love,

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