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Weekly Vintage Attire!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend with lots of vintage fun! I start each week with my Weekly Vintage Attire blog, where I’ll be featuring all the glamorous outfits I wore last week, where I sourced them from, and what I’ve been up to! I often get asked to share more photos of what I wear, and how I style my daily outfits so I’ve really focused on creating more of these photos, and also videos too. I do hope you in enjoy this fabulous post and maybe even get a little glamorous inspiration!

I had an amazing start to my Monday, as I always do I rose quite early in the morning (5:30am to be exact) to be exact, I got lots of work done, trained, had a bath, got myself looking fabulous then headed out to a meet up for The Perth Pinup Community! We had a lovely lunch soiree at The Guildford Hotel, it was incredible spending time with so many beautiful and likeminded people!


Thank you so our beautiful member Elise from Fate Photography for coming along and taking a group photo us all as well as individual shots!

1.0 Mon

Turban: a scarf from the op shop Anglicare Morley, I’ll have a tutorial for this up on Thursday!
Shirt: a gift.
Skirt: Target from their 2015 collection.
Heels: Burlesque Baby.

1.1 Mon

On Wednesday I had a busy day working on some exciting projects, as well as recording a video on how to put on a corset for my YouTube channel, I often record my videos the day before I post them, though sometimes I super organised and film them in advance!

2 wed

Hairband: Kelly The Bow Lady.
Top: A retro op shop find.
Earrings and shoes: both sourced from the Polka Dot Vintage Markets.
Necklace: a find from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Shorts: Memory’s Lane closing down sale.

2.1 wed

On Thursday I felt pretty in my Paradise Pink lipstick from Natio, I spent a lovely day with the beautiful Miss Lilian Rose and Dolly Von Blond for some lunch before blogging in the afternoon!

3. thurs

Earrings: a piece I inherited from my grandmother.
Cardigan: a find from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Dress: Pretty Dress Australia.
Belt: Cherri Lane.

3.1 thurs

On Friday silly me forgot to take a full outfit shot as I was quite busy filming a tutorial of this week’s video on how to tie a 1940’s pinup turban (this will be coming out Thursday), and taking photos for my Friday’s Vintage Cocktail post so I only took a few closer shots!

4 fri

Turban and shirt: finds from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.

On Saturday I trialled a new and unique vintage style for me. If you follow pinup fashion trends the Dita Bun is one that has been quite popular as late, it’s where either a section of hair, or most of you hair is put into a vintage style front sitting to the front, or side front section of you hair, its like a more dramatic faux bettie bang. I wasn’t sure if I was in love with this style until I tried it myself, I styled a front section into the Dita Bun with loose curls at the top of my hair and  added a flower for a little extra glamour. I definitely am in love with this look, it’s different to your average victory roll and is a little more unique!

5.2 fri

Hair flower: Daisy Jean Floral.
Blouse: a true vintage piece I bought from Dita Von Teese on the Depop App, I thought it was fitting since I wore the Dita Bun!
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Skrit: a retro piece my partner’s mum wore when she was younger.

5. fri

My sweetheart and I had lunch at a fabulous place called Mean Machines Cafe, which is right next to my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley, where I bought a super cute had that I decided to wear on Sunday! I think this cafe shall be a new regular spot to go to, I didn’t take any photos sadly as my phone ran out of battery!

On Sunday I has a busy day getting everything finalised for a workshop that evening I was teaching on how to put your hair into a wet set using foam curlers. My sweetheart and I managed to fit in a cruise and lunch at Fast Eddy’s Morley!

6.1 sun

Hat and shoes: a find from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Brooch: a gift from my lovely friend Susan, the brooch brand is Glitter Paradise.
Cardigan: Dangerfield.
Skirt: Memory Lane.

6.12 sun

I had such an amazing time spending my evening with so many beautiful women for my fabulous Pinup Wet Set Hair Workshop. It’s truly the best feeling to be able to share my passions with the world, and getting to know such diverse ladies!

A new week is here, and it’s time for us to dream big and make it happen!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,


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