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Vintage Film Review: Something for the Boys!

Hello lovelies,

In the past I have reviewed quite a few vintage films on my blog, and I thought it would be fabulous to start adding this as a more regular post, and to feature films that are on YouTube so it’s easy for everyone to see them. You’d be surprised just how many you can find on YouTube by either typing in your favourite hollywood starlet’s name followed by “full move” or typing “1940’s full movie, or “1950’s full movie. To celebrate this new blog addition I’ll also soon be sharing my favourite pinup related films on YouTube, in the form of a video, so be sure to stay tuned for this!

For today I’m sharing with you all the 1944 film, Something for The Boys, a glamorous wartime comedy/musical film created after the Broadway production of the same name had a show run of 422 shows in 1943, staring Ethel Merman. The film starts off with with three cousins Chiquita Hart (Carmen Miranda), Blossom Hart (Vivian Blaine) and Harry Hart (Phil Silvers), who meet for the first time upon inheriting the abandoned southern plantation, Magnolia Manor. They soon discover the house is quite dilapidated and have no money to fix it up. A nearby army base plans to work with the cousins to convert the run down manor into a hotel for army wives, and to help pay the bills they put on shows of a truly fabulous nature!

I thought this film was a bit of lighthearted fun! Though I must say if you put any 1940’s Technicolour film in front of me and I’ll probably adore it! The three cousins in the film have a truly unique personalities to each making the story sure to have lots of entertaining moments. The movie features comedy, extravagant musical numbers, romance, and of course military issues arise.


Vivian Blaine
Vivian is actress I don’t recognise from other films, though she’s been in a few I’ve seen. She was beautiful on the screen and I believe she played her character well. She’s seen with very glamorous hair and dresses all throughout and performs some amazing numbers, she is soft but not afraid to speak up when she needs to.

Phil Silvers
Phil Silvers is an incredible comedic actor of his time. I think out of all the films I’ve watched from the golden age of glamour he’s in well over half of them, not that I’m complaining because I do love him so! Here’s hilarious in this, and it further supported the reason why he’s one of my favourite actors from this time.

Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda is someone who never ceases to amaze me in each role she plays! Chiquita Hart is a fireball character who’s eccentric, boisterous and a whole lot of fun. The craziest part of the film is that Chiquita is able to always know what’s on the radio, and it’s later discovered that her teeth are able to pick up radio frequencies which may come in use!

I’ve seen her in many films and always admired her, but I haven’t sen her in any post-1955 films. Upon researching further I discovered in 1955 she had been feeling a little under the weather when filming for The Jimmy Durante Show and fell to her knees at one point, but insisting she was fine they continued. Several members of the cast and Miranda’s friends joined her back at her house for a little party, once the festivities finished when going to bed alone she collapsed and died at the age of 46. It was initially to believed to be a heart attacked, but was later discovered to be that she was pregnant and died of pre-eclampsia. Her body was flown back to Rio de Janeiro to be buried where the Brazillion government declared the nation was at mourning, over 60, 000 people attended her mourning ceremony at the Rio Town Hall. A truly sad story, but I’m thankful Carmen Miranda was her incredible self, and performed the way she did, as she has inspired me so much. The video below is from her last performance, she’s on from around the nine minute mark.

Something for the Boys is a fabulously entertaining film that I would recommend watching! I think this film is more suited to the truly passionate vintage enthusiast, but wouldn’t be of much interest to friends or partner’s who are not into the vintage lifestyle. It’s a great film to watch while getting ready, or doing a light workout at home if you’re someone with not much time to watch vintage films!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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