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The Bonnit Review & Giveaway!

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m very excited to be sharing with you all a review and giveaway for The Bonnit! A little while ago I stumbled across The Bonnit on Instagram, a fabulous Canadian company, who create beautiful hair bonnets to protect your beautiful vintage hair from the wind and rain. The seasons in Australia had just begun to shift toward Winter and I knew I needed this item in my life!

I went to The Bonnit’s website to have a look at what they had to offer to find their rain bonnet is available in three fabulous prints, I didn’t hesitate and ordered mine right in that moment, I was really impressed as for a rain bonnet set including one print bonnet, and one plain bonnet including shipping to Australia was only $15 (this will depend on the exchange rate at the time) which I was so happy with!

3.1 thurs
It didn’t take long before my fabulous bonnet arrived with a few extra presents from The Bonnit that I can’t thank them enough for! I truly adore The Bonnit, they’ve put an end to my hair becoming ruined or needing to try and wrap my cardigan around my hair to protect it from the rain! The design is truly fabulous as it features different panels that compensate space for vintage hair styles. They’re high quality with a black trim that’s adds a wonderful finish, and strengthens the tie, as well as having a glamorous print of your choice which have such a lovely look to them.

I was so thrilled with my purchase that I’ve teamed up with The Bonnit to put together a really fabulous Instagram Giveaway! We’ll be giving away three bonnet prizes packs to three luck ladies, all you need to do is head to Instagram like, share and tag the contest photo I’ve posted up! We’ll be announcing a winner on 11th of August!

Miss Lady Lace'sThe Bonnit Giveaway

Keep your hair dry, and chic with The Bonnit, be sure to follow them on Facebook, and Instagram!

PS. In today’s video my skirt, head tie, belt, and necklace are from Cherri Lane!

More fabulous vintage fun coming soon!

Much love,

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