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Weekly Vintage Attire!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend with lots of vintage fun! I start each week with my Weekly Vintage Attire blog, where I’ll be featuring all the glamorous outfits I wore last week, where I sourced them from, and a little on what I’ve been up to! I often get asked to share more photos of what I wear, and how I style my daily outfits so I’ve really focused on creating more of these photos, and also videos too. I do hope you in enjoy this fabulous post and maybe even get a little glamorous inspiration!

After another relaxing Monday, my work work week began on Tuesday with a few exciting meetings for more fabulous projects I have been planning, I was also thrilled as my parcel arrived from Suavecita, who sponsored my a lovely hair pack include hair spray, pomade, setting spray, smooth lotion, and their victory red lipstick! Since this I’ve had so much fun playing around with their products, they’re quality is embraceable, but I’ll save the rest for my upcoming review.

Necklace: Bettina Darling 
Earrings: Simply Secondhand
Bag: Lola Von Rose. 
Blouse: a dress I bought quite some time ago from Jay Jays, that I cut into a blouse.
Skirt: a fabulous Etsy find.
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Brooch: I wish I knew the lovely company who made it, but they had a stall at a market in Guildford.


That evening my fiancé and I went to learn some vintage slow dancing with Swing It, which was so much fun! It’s quite an intimate dance but the steps are simple but the movement you create is something a little harder to emulate.


Wednesday was my first day after setting my hair with my Suavecita products and I adored the results. On Monday I actually died my hair but the colour wasn’t as bright as I’d have liked which makes it harder to show the detail of the styling at the moment, but it does look fabulous in photos and I’m going into Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour later this week for a glamorous makeover I can’t wait to share with you all!


Blouse: Dangerfield. 
Skirt: a little store that used to be in Maylands.
Shoes: Target.
Bag: Lola Von Rose. 
Earrings: Sophistihat at the Polka Dot Markets.


Thursday was day two of my Suavecita wet set and still looking flawless I must say! Smoothness and bounce to the finish of my hair is definitely a noticeable quality when using their products as opposed to my homemade recipes. I had a really fabulous day recording videos for my YouTube channel as well meetings with a few fabulous people include Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour in Lathlain, they have the most beautiful store and wonderful staff, I can’t wait to be visiting them more.



Dress: Pretty Dress Australia
Earrings: a little vintage find from the Polka Dot Markets.
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Shoes: sourced from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.



Friday was a really lovely day at The Perth Pinup Community had a fabulous evening planned out at The Guildford Hotel! I worked the morning from my home office and then began to prepare for friends coming over prior to going out, as well getting myself looking lovely! I actually used my Friday’s Vintage Cocktail blog to concoct a punch for the which was so delicious!


Blouse: Secrets in Lace.
Belt: Cherri Lane. 
Brooch: Deer Arrow. 
Earrings: Simply Secondhand.
Skirt: a find from a market.


We had so much fun that night with cocktail and glamorous company! We had so many friends visit throughout the night and almost completely filled one of their upstairs area which was quite a large room. It’s so amazing to be a part of such a positive and inspiring group, the only thing I would have wished for that night was more time to go around and talk to everyone!



Saturday was a beautiful day spent my sweetheart, we dined at Swan Valley Cafe and did lots of wedding work. Their cafe produces so many delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes!


Jacket: Matthew bought this for me quite a long time ago, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to wear this!
Skirt: Memory Lane’s closing down sale.
Belt: Cherri Lane. 



Sunday was quiet day, I had been looking forward to seeing some good friends but unfortunately Matthew had been quite unwell and stayed home to rest. I went down to the river though and enjoyed some beautiful sunshine in a little thirties chic.


Turban: a scarf which was op shop find.
Faux fur caplet: from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Sunglass: they’re so fabulous, and I actually bought them from a Red Dot store, how crazy!

I adore creating my weekly vintage attire blog, and taking time to reflect all the things I’m grateful for, all the wonderful people in my life, and all the fabulous things I’m a part of. It’s really important to take time to smells the rose. I hope this week is fabulous for you!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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