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Weekly Vintage Attire

Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend with lots of vintage fun! I start each week with my Weekly Vintage Attire blog, where I’ll be featuring all the glamorous outfits I wore last week, where I sourced them from, and a little on what I’ve been up to! I often get asked to share more photos of what I wear, and how I style my daily outfits so I’ve really focused on creating more of these photos, and also videos too. I do hope you in enjoy this fabulous post and maybe even get a little glamorous inspiration!

Monday was a casually glamorous day, this week I really focused on getting as much done as I could for our wedding in October. We’ve been engaged for close to three years now and wedding has felt like such a distant idea but suddenly it’s just over a month away!


Dress: Etsy find.
Hat: from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley!
Earrings: Simply Secondhand.

Tuesday I was glamorous in green, with more wedding errands including visiting Bettina Darling headquarters to try on a petticoat with my wedding dress!


Hair flower and earrings: Daisy Jean Floral. 
Turban: scarf from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Necklace: a vintage piece that once belonged to my grandmother.
Dress: a gift from my beautiful friend Kirra.


Wednesday was a morning of working from my home office then meeting with our wedding reception to set out menu and finalise other details.


Cardigan: Dangerfield.
Skirt: a vintage piece from my fiancé’s mother.
Belt: Cherri Lane.


Thursday I was so excited as I was visiting Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour for my hair makeover, they transformed my dark red curls into a vibrant cherry red! I had so much fun in store with all their beautiful staff members and am so thrilled with the results!

Dress: Cherri Lane. 
Shoes: Bettina Darling.
Cardigan: Allanah Hill.

I was also thrilled to be announcing I’m the new face of Cherrybomb and we have so many exciting collaborations to share with you all!

Friday I finally had time to record my weekly videos and put together my fabulous vintage cocktail blog!

Cardigan: a fabulous find from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Playsuit: Powderpuff Boutique.
Necklace and belt: Cherri Lane. 
Hair flower: Daisy Jean. 


Saturday I was so happy with my wet set, I do love the new colour by Cherrybomb so much and find the lighter shade really highlights the styling!

Top and shoes: A find from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Belt: Cherri Lane. 
Brooch: Bettina Darling. 
Hair flower: Daisy Jean Floral. 



Sunday I spent with my sweetheart and in the evening I was able to catch up with two of my favourite people for dinner which was just fabulous!

Earrings and flower: Daisy Jean.
Belt: Cherri Lane. 
Blouse: A find from my favourite op shop, Anglicare Morley.
Skirt: Memory Lane’s closing down sale.


I can’t wait for where this week will take me!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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