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Cherrybomb Chat: Vintage Hairstyles

Hello lovelies,

Today I have for you a new part to my fabulous blog series which is all about my fabulous collaboration with Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour. As you may have heard either through their monthly email or through my announcement, I’m the new glamorous face of their beautiful parlour! We’ll have a range of vintage fun for you all from reviews, and features, to videos and tips!


I thought I’d start with sharing with you all the fabulous vintage hair styles they’ve given me, and I can talk about the process, curl longevity and so much more. For those may not know Cherrybomb is a vintage styled beautiful salon in Lathlain of Western Australia, while they do everything in the hair and beauty world, they do specialise in golden age of glamour! Their salon is ornate and beautiful with vintage details such retro shaper mirrors, a tiki bar for the front counter, poster wall full of vintage photos and so much more.

Style One!
This style was for my first ever visit at Cherrybomb to have a treatment done, I had visited once before to have a chat with Michelle who owns the parlour, and had a look look around, so I was thrilled to finally be in for my first appointment. I came in for a cut and colour with Vicki and styling by Cherkia.
Before coming in I was honestly a little frustrated with my hair, I had maintained myself for several years now and over time it began to lack lustre, the colour had darkened and I felt my personality was showing through colour anymore. The time I spent there was definitely worth it! The colour was vibrant and loud I felt this more fitting to the person that I am! Vicki did a really wonderful job as colour corrections can definitely be quite tricky!

For the styling Cherkia set my hair in a wet set and styled it so fabulously! I loved how effortless glamorous it looked, and its something different to what I usually do myself, which I think was truly lovely. I was looking so glamorous I felt we had to go out for shopping and dinner as this style was too incredible to hide away at home, the entire trip out I could feel eyes on me everywhere with the vibrance of my hair!

The longevity of these curls was fabulous and gave me good hair for a couple days!

Style Two!
For this style I had both Michelle, and Cherkia working away on my hair, this week was another wet set but with a different finish.

For all the look we styled overall I definitely felt this one captured my personality perfectly, I felt like an unstoppable vintage force, it was flowing but fierce. I really loved the way the front section framed my face! With a wet set at a salon for a quicker finish they put you under the dryer, while at the start you feel a little heated, I found it quite relaxing as it’s almost like a white noise machine where you can either enjoy relaxing or read magazine/book and tune out the world!

As with the first week this was another long lasting curl style!

Style Three!
When I came into the salon, I had a rather rough week taking place, my partner had been into hospital, he was only meant to stay one night but they kept delaying him being discharged. When arriving I had found out he’d have to stay another night and I was feeling a little devastated but upon the beautiful staff of Cherrybomb greeting me I already begun to feel uplifted. I felt utterly pamper and ladies really cheered me up, taking my mind away from all my troubles.

For this week we used hot sticks for Rita Hayworth inspired fru, the look was another effortless lovely style, with a messy glamorous look. Hot sticks are one of the only methods of curling I hadn’t trailed myself so it was really interesting to see the process. The curls themselves have a much smaller detailed finish which has that really lovely 40’s effect. This week I found the curls did not hold as well, but I was expected this with a heated set opposed to a wet set.

Style Four!
Once again Michelle and Cherkia teamed up to work their magic for another fabulous style using hot sticks! I found this week to be a much more vivacious finish to the week before. The finish was full and boisterous and I adore the details to the back of this look, it had such volume and detail!

These curls held wonderfully for three days, including the night after where I styled them for the fabulous Pinup Prom 2016. For me longevity is really important, I like to have styles with curls that I’m able to re-style for a minimum of two days as I like to have my hair looking vintage at all times so this saves me a lot of styling time if I’m not completely re-setting each day.

My experience while in at Cherrybomb:
My experience at Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour has been intoxicatingly glamorous, each time I visit I’m treated so well and love catching up with the staff as they always leave me smiling. With each visit drinks and tasty treats are complimentary and its so great that they cater to so many food preferences, each time I’ve been in vegan options have been in abidance!

Onto to my review of their styling, in my 10 years of experimenting with the vintage look, and many years performing and modelling I’d never had my hair styled by someone else and been happy with it until now! The ladies here are trained by a vintage gal herself (Michelle), who truly understands how to break down the vintage look, how to style to frame a face, and how to actually style a curl that lasts. I’ve had many friends and fellow pinups who have had their hair professionally styled and their victory rolls don’t look how they want, and curls don’t last more than a few hours.

Cherrybomb is your one stop glamour shop for all your beauty needs, they’re talented, well trained and know how to style vintage hair. I hope I don’t sound snobbish in saying I take care with who I associate myself with on a professional level as my work is my reputation, and now after several visitings I can proudly say that it is truly an honour to be the face of Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, and Instagram to see all the fabulous stuff stuff they have on and to be inspired by their work!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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